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The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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If you are already a fan of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series you are familiar with Luc; The comic relief to Damon and Katie's angsty alien romance. Some of my most favorite parts of Origin and Opposition were due to Luc's snarky and superior teen arrogance.

‘Luc moved to the center of the floor. “I don’t have all day, guys. I have things to do. A nap I want to take this afternoon. There’s a new movie out on Netflix I want to watch, and a goddamn coupon for a free Whopper Jr. that’s calling my name.”’
Quote from Origin: Lux Series #4

The Darkest Star is set a couple of years after the war between Humans, Lux, and Arum ending in the wholesale slaughter of entire populations of humans. In the aftermath, very tentative segregation exists between the races. Some people fearlessly mix; many don't know that those around them are anything more than what they appear. The plot and continuity were so solid and seamless that there was no doubt in my mind that this is in the same world as the Lux Series or the Arum novel. And after writing so many books in this world JLA is fantastic at subtly dropping hints here and there that you don't see until she starts pulling the strings together.

Finally, Luc has his own Scooby gang, a handful of misfits, mysteries, and murderers. Well, I use the murderer term in that way you do when you see some familiar ass-kicking characters who may or may not have burnt down Las Vegas and sent an Army of Arum to hunt their enemies.

The new collectives are perfect character foils and compliments to who Luc is and what he can do. One of Luc's enforcer is Grayson and he was stale bread for most of the story but during one little encounter, he shined like a new penny… if a new penny loved the smell of blood and the sound of desperation. Until that point, I wasn't sure that Grayson was a throwaway character or underdeveloped. Kent is one of my favorite newbies.

‘Kent moved closer to me. “I don’t think we’ve formally met. You’re Evie. I’m Kent. I like long walks in dark cemeteries and I want to pet a llama before I die.”’
Quote from The Darkest Star: Origin Series #1

I guess I can't complete this review without a little on the development of the hero and our book girlfriend, Evie. This new series is about Luc but the book is not in his POV until a few chapters at the end of the book. Don't build it up in your mind to be a POV swap because it isn't. Evie is our narrator and it allows the reader to be tantalized by our favorite Origin. Luc is more enigmatic for all that is revealed. He still makes me burst out laughing with his wittisomes and irreverent comebacks. Just as Damon was a fully autonomous character in the Lux Series, Luc is fleshed out here. The complexity of Luc's origins (no pun intended) hinted during his first introductions in Onyx unravel and run free. He's one of my most beloved literary characters in contemporary times.

Why is Evie a book girlfriend? She is awkward, intuitive, combative when necessary, and likes befriending curmudgeons. And our girl knows to stay away from bad boys with too much power at far too young of an age. All the reasons are a bullseye that Luc wants to hit over and over again.

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