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Intangible by Jen  Meyers
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Mar 21, 2012

really liked it

Check out my interview with J. Meyers over at Bookish Novelties!

I have to start with this: I hate Marc. I don't really buy into him and I think he's a jerk. He is wishy washy, selfish and I don't like his changing, confused loyalties. Sera better wise up! I don't really buy how into him she got so quickly, but it could completely be because I don't like him, and so, I'm biased. I think Marc is unnecessary, but I hope that I'll be proved wrong and that he plays a bigger role in story if there are more installments to come.

This book was different because it doesn't focus solely on the romantic side of things. Other relationships, like Luke and Sera, and friendships like Fey's and Sera's and the hint of something more between Fey and Luke (and what can happen now that we know what we know!?!?!), are really the features, and that's awesome too, because it's not all about one relationship, the author really spreads the focus around. I think just the right idea is given about the relationships Luke and Sera have, individually with their father, although I can't really understand the separation of their parents. The reader can identify with Luke and Sera being close with their dad individually because who hasn't thought, at least once in their life, that they'd like to bond with their father?

Being that this paranormal book is darker and deals with heavier issues of loss, grief, guilt, and right and wrong, it was actually a lot of fun. I really found myself looking forward to the jokes between brother and sister and found myself waiting for Sera and Luke to smile and be happy. You just can't help but like them. I liked Fey, because she's loyal (obviously, she has to be, right?) And I'm really curious about Quinn. What is the point of knowing Quinn's story if we don't get to see it in action? This is one of only many clues that there will be more to this story and that will be awesome. I loved the interaction between Sera and Naomi, because I think we all want to do that to mean, high school girls. Sera handled it really maturely :)

One thing I want to see handled more in depth is the adoption issue. I felt like once it was finally on the table, it was tossed aside fairly quickly. If there are more books in the series, which I hope there will be, then I would like to see this addressed more on the family front. I would also like to learn more about Marc so I might connect better with his character. The story is paced right, with just the right amount of down time and action in all the right places. I liked the twists that J took with certain paranormal elements like vampires and healing, because I had no clue vamps would even be involved! But it was creative and enjoyable.

I'm rating Intangible 4 Stars because I think all the elements are there, I just have to figure out why all these extra characters are involved. A lot of the "extra" seemed fluffy to me and I'm curious to see if and how it will come into play. If it's significant, I may willingly eat my words later on :) And honestly, this book was released on Justin Timberlake's birthday, so, um, that right there is a good indication of the awesomeness that awaits you when you pick up Intangible! Just imagine Justin Timberlake as a book, being born...ok, scratch that. Don't imagine that. Just read it. It's good.

Just so you knoooow, I will be hosting J. Meyers, author of Intangible, here on Bookish Novelties next week! It will be great and I hope you will peek in to see it. In the meantime, J is hosting a giveaway on her website for some fun Intangible goodies, and all you have to do is purchase the book! No raffling or drawings to be had, just fun extras for your reading enhancement!

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