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My Summer of Love by S.A. Collins
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did not like it

Elliot works in the family business. They own a Dairy Queen. He thought it was going to be another boring day in the Q (me rolling my eyes... the Q!).
But nope.... Marco his crush from school walks in. After a very brief (and I mean brief) conversation. Marco starts kissing Elliot. They start rubbing up against each other. Then Bam! They are boyfriends.

boyfriend it is. Life’s too short to sweat the long courtship thing. right?

All that in the span of 10-15 min, tops! They never even talked up until that moment!!!

All this just 6% in. Huhhhh ok.
I could already tell this book was going to be a challenge for me.

I didn’t find Marco’s stalking Elliot as a good thing. For 2 years Marco’s was just lurking in the background. It was pretty creepy.
And he was just so overly aggressive with his love towards Elliot. It was weird.

I wasn’t feeling how the boys talked. They are supposed to be teenagers in high school. I worked in a high school! The kids do not talk like how they were taking in this book!!

Sweetheart, there’s nothing salacious about how I want us to become a couple, legally, matrimonially. Elliot, I want to bind myself to you in every way possible.

Hmmm... ok! Then we have this.

I don’t want to act rashly or give in to impulsive thoughts.

Yeah... that didn’t work for me.

Then we had the boys having sex constantly. I mean... they were doing it like rabbits! But what put me off was how Elliot kept calling Marco’s cum baby batter!!

We were talking about his baby batter being inside me.

I grinned. “Wow, it’s a…um, a whole lot of baby batter there.


Now, I didn’t get why this character Angelo was even there. He seemed like he was just thrown in. And he only showed up twice. The second time was kinda unbelievable. What Elliot and he did together.

The ending ends in a cliffhanger. Why? I don’t know. Marco’s did something and won’t tell Elliot about it. Elliot hasn’t told Marco’s what he did.
So many things are open.

I'm not going to read the second book. I’m not invested enough to find out what happens to the boys or how it all ends. This is such a shame. I absolutely loved the cover and the synopsis. Both don't live up to the story I just read!

*ARC provided by NineStar Press, LLC vis Netgalley.*
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