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The Witch in the Wood by T.H. White
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Mar 20, 2012

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bookshelves: fantasy, fairytale, arthur, school-assigned, english
Read from March 16 to 19, 2012

In the book “The queen of air and darkness”, the book tells a story about a queen called Morgause with her four sons. The boys of Morgause promise revenge for their grandfather by killing Arthur, the son of Uther. By the mean time, Arthur had won battles and as the new king, he thought might is not right and decided to change it by creating the round table. Merlyn fell in love with Nimue as predicted, and Pellinore fell in love with Piggy after he lost interest in the questing beast. The boys of Morgause killed a unicorn for their mom but Morgause whipped them for it. But after that, she decided that they were her sons and she loved them. Merlyn warns Arthur about his future wife Guenever and Lancelot’s relationship before he was locked up by Nimue, but he didn’t warn Arthur that Morgause was his half-sister, and later they had a child called Mordred, which was one of the reasons that caused the tragedy of Arthur.
My opinion is that the book was short but important. It introduced the idea of round table and the Orkney clan, which became important in the next two books. In this book, Arthur’s idea of round table was clearly explained, including how he even came up with this idea. The book also portrayed a weird woman called Morgause. She had four kids but she doesn’t love them, she also cheated on her husband with her husband’s enemy. She is cruel and weird, and she is also not a very good mother. On page 263, “When she found out about the unicorn later in the evening she had them whipped for it, for she had spent an unsuccessful day with the English knights.”, I really don’t get why she whipped the boys because of her own problem. She is a mother, a mother should be responsible and reliable, not like her, whipping her own children when they did something dangerous and cruel just to make her happy and smile for them. Also, the kids were sweet to their mom but they were not all nice and sweet. Agravaine was crafty and childish. Gawaine was straight but impulse. Compared to them, Gareth was a little like Arthur when he was small and was called as the Wart. And about King Pellinore, he found Piggy and lost interest in the questing beast, and the questing beast fell in love with Sir Palomides and Sir Grummore, who dressed up as questing beast to cheer Pellinore up. They were such good friends with Pellinore, causing so many troubles for them just to make Pellinore full of energy like before. About Arthur, he was growing up and was smarter and more mature, but he was still a pure-hearted man and sometimes seem to be foolish because of his innocent. Still, that’s the part that made him the great king of England.
The book was interesting and thoughtful, showing the growth of Arthur and Kay, and the other changes in the other characters. It also introduced Arthur’s grave sin, which will cause his tragedy later in the other books.

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