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A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber
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Mar 20, 2012

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bookshelves: family, romance

** spoiler alert ** Setting:
Seattle Washington. yarn shop on Blossom street. homes of the 4 women.

Theme – love, self discovery, forgiveness, growth, acceptance of self and others.

Characters -
Lydia Hoffman – owns and runs ‘A Good Yarn’ – her first class of knitters and friends still return regularly on Fridays for charity knitting. And she is starting a new group – to learn to knit socks. She and Brad (and his son Cody) are spending a lot of their free time together, and are growing closer.

Margaret - Lydia’s sister… though they were getting closer, and Margaret was working at the shop, Margaret’s husband lost his job and she did not tell Lydia, but came into work very cranky. Brad ran into Margaret’s husband and found out he lost his job, and was having trouble getting a new one. When confronted by Lydia, though at first defensive, it was a relief to share. Lydia gives them money to tide them over… and they are closer than ever.

Lydia & Margaret’s mom – still a bit befuddled after her husband’s death. Showing first signs of dementia, and they move her into a home, visiting and caring for her.

Brad Goetz / Cody –Brad’s exwife, when Cody tells her he wishes Lydia was his mother, and that dad and Lydia are getting married, wants to get back together with Brad. Though Brad loves Lydia and not his exwife, he feels he needs to try for their son’s sake. And Lydia cuts him loose – not wanting to play second fiddle, even though it hurts.

Elise Beaumont – retired librarian, one daughter, two grandsons. She invested her savings into a new house development – and was swindled. She is living with her daughter until the lawsuit is settled and she sees where she’s at. Her ex-husband is a gambler – and the reason she left him after 2 years of marriage. But she never stopped loving him and he always made his childcare payments, and stayed connected to his daughter. He shows up at his daughter’s house for 2 weeks, and then gets his own apartment. He still gambles. He and Elise end up spending time together, having sex, cuddling, and he takes her to her yarn class & listens to her about the people in the class.

Marvin “Maverick” Beaumont – gambler – regrets hurting his wife. Always loved his wife, and daughter. He is dying of cancer, given 2 years, hence why he wanted to develop his relationship with his daughter and grandchildren, and happily includes Elise.

Aurora – Elise’s daughter – welcomes her into her home during uncertainty. Requests that mom not make dad uncomfortable.

Bethanne Hamlin – after 20 years of marriage, 2 teen children, her husband asks for a divorce. And she’s reeling. Dealing with her anger, bewilderment, lonliness, and money. Her teenage daughter pushes her into the knitting class, to do something for herself now. And she finds her feet, starts a business of specialized parties, starting with children and expanding.

Paul Ormond – her ex-husband’s new girlfriend’s ex-husband. He’s 15 years younger, but calls Bethanne – a friendship starts, romance hinted at… but then Bethanne says though they are comfortable together, they need to go out and date. (Story ends with their being friends, and his engagement to someone else, and Bethanne planning the wedding party).

Andrew & Annie – Bethanne’s children. Both very angry at dad. Annie falling into bad friends and pushing boundaries. Andrew is football star, senior in high school. Bethanne encourages their friendships with Courtney, from her knitting class, and they do become friends, with Andrew and Courtney dating.

Courtney Pulanski - Senior in High School… her mother killed in car accident 2 years earlier. Her older brother and sister are in college, away from home. Dad takes a job in Brazil for a year, and Courtney goes to grandma’s house in Seattle to live. She is depressed, overweight (35 pounds)… and she takes the knitting class. And accepting the older women’s friendships, going swimming with grandma and her friends gave her 10 new grandmas, her friendship with Bethanne’s kids… and she finds her feet, looses weight…

Plot: So all have turned corners… Elise stops seeing her ex-husband when he enrolls in a poker tournament… and then the grandkids tell her he lost, and came in 2nd place. Then Elise’s daughter tells her that Maverick is dying. And after some soul searching, she goes to him… sad about the time they lost, accepting of who he is, wanting to spend what time together they can.

Brad & Cody run into Lydia at the park - and he tells her that it did not work out with his ex-wife… and they exchange angry, blaming words… but then on the following Monday, he pulls up to make his deliveries, goes into the shop & she runs into his open arms – another wedding for Bethanne to plan.
Andrew asks Courtney to the prom – he is the Prom King. Ahhhh.

And a Fairy Godfather (Maverick) puts the finishing touches… having heard all about the knitting group during his time spent with Elise, he provides $5,000 to Bethanne anonymously for her business, with a note to pass on the kindness when she is able… he provides courntey with $500 for the prom, and then arranges for her sister (in Alaska) to fly down to help her get ready with a car/chauffer to attend them all weekend. And he calls a friend, and gets Margaret’s husband and interview (with a signing bonus he provided) and job… ahhhh


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