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Dad, Are You There? by Kenny Kemp
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Mar 20, 2012

(Review from the author)
it was amazing

I am the author of Dad, Are You There?

I wrote the book to counter, in a small way, the denegration of a father's place in our culture. Nowadays, not only doesn't father know best, he's almost always depicted as a dispensable fool. But the truth is somewhere in the middle and (in my experience anyway), leans toward the "knows best" end of the spectrum, at least when the subject is manhood.

There are no parenting handbooks, really. There are lots of books on what not to do, but prescriptive books are usually preachy and not very helpful.

This book is about the hard, painful road from boyhood to manhood. In my view, a man becomes a man not when his body matures, but when his heart, mind, and soul accept the responsibilities of manhood. Most men stumble into manhood, only realizing their accomplishment many years later when their own son says, "Thanks, Dad, for teaching me what I needed to know," to which the father often says, "What did I teach you?" and the son responds, "Everything."

Lecturing doesn't work. Punishment can crush the soul. But example is the best teacher and Dad, Are You There? is a small book about a big subject: how a boy becomes a man.

I hope you like it.

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