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Dog Days by John Levitt
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Aug 10, 2008

it was ok
Read in August, 2008

Overall, it was okay. I don't think I'm going to look around for any possible sequels (author bio indicated he would be writing them) because it seemed like 3/4 of the way in he stopped writing this book and started setting us up for the next book. No, no thanks.

Good things about Dog Days:
There are magic practitioners, and they are called just that: practitioners. Some are strong, some are weak, some are nice, mean, venal, noble, just like anyone else. Many of them have *gasp* day jobs. They are not immortal. They are not called Wytches, Wizards, Specials, or any other gag-worthy names. They have some inborn talent, which they practice.

The Ifrits, the concept, and Louie in particular.

Mason, our valorous Hero, is a pretty normal guy. He is a musician and in fact makes his living playing. He's got lots of natural talent but hasn't really lived up to his potential because he doesn't care enough about it. He's kind of the slacker of practitioners and a smartass to boot.

Bad things:

Too hurried at the end.

So many hints dropped about the fact that the Ifrits are magically mysterious and nobody knows nothin' about them that it's obvious he's stringing us along until he can figure something out about them to put in one of the next books.

Victor - the prissy, superrich, superpowerful, superarrogant moneyman and enforcer of local pratctitioner ethics. No character development. He's a rich, snobby, arrogant and pushy cardboard cutout of the anti-Mason. More character development for Eli and Victor would have been nice.

The boring and forced "wrap up" bit at the end where Mason pompously says things don't work out between him and a romantic interest: "Campbell is a healer. I'm a killer." It's cheesy in this context. If you kill someone who has murdered other people, who is trying to kill you, and who will go on killing and maiming unless removed, you aren't exactly Joe Killer guy. I think the healer would have done the same thing in the situation. Campbell could have kicked the Villian's ass.

Stereotypes out the wazoo. Women are victims or noble healers. Gays are prissy and have great fashion sense. Musicians are laid back and cool. College professors are absentminded and interested in obscure bits of historical trivia.

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