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The Way Life Was Forever by Carey Corp
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Mar 20, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult, dystopia-apocalyptic, favorites, kindle-read

I LOVED this book. Favorite quotes sum it up.

"Come on, before the sun-dwellers get you and eat the flesh from your bones."

"Tonight is especially fine. The delicate rustle of leaves permeates the air as the warm wind brushes against us, its caress made sweeter by the knowledge that at any moment the temperature will plummet."

"As we walk, Quil's fine, shiny hair lifts in the breeze and scatters about her like the gossamer strands of a spider's web blowing gently in the moonlight. The soft tendrils graze my cheek like a whisper. Each burst of contact envelopes me in her clean scent of honeysuckle and soap."

"Eyes the burnished brown of simmered chocolate, but with the golden luminescence of the harvest moon, regard me gravely from underneath dark lashes and brows. His short brown hair is the color of chestnuts and curls about his ears in soft waves. Ruddy-cheeked, his rosy flush produces twin blooms against his umber skin. Full red lips are the boy's single feature that bears any resemblance to my people. Or to me."

"Just then, something flutters between us. Something small and vibrant and so orange I think it will burst into flame any second."

"I both fear and crave his touch, which burns like fire that consumes without destroying. The sun-dweller elicits such a tangible awareness that I wonder if it is part of their makeup. Disorienting magnetism."

"Actual sunlight covers my skin in a heated caress. After a long moment, a flame-colored butterfly perches on the tip of my finger. Then another one lands... and another. Soon I am engulfed with the tiny creatures."

"Such a simple word, deep and soft yet uttered with a hard conviction. His 'yes' steals my breath."

"Part of me is dying to taste his full, warm lips, but another part is terrified, not of being kissed but of returning to my people and my loveless future with the memory of Perseus' kisses burned into my brain."

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