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Mar 20, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: great-world-building, fast-paced, predictable, not-again, stupid, love-triangles, great-writing
Read in April, 2012

Beware of spoilers!

What a complete disappointment compared to the utter bliss I felt from the first one. Meghan is the reason why I gave this book a two! I shall proceed to have my fangirl moments and my complaints now:

Fangirl moments:
1. You see, the first 114 pages were decent. However, I must say I had a deep longing to see my Puck! I couldn't stand it. I did not laugh or giggle once throughout the beginning, considering that Prince Ash is an absolute bore.

When Puck finally made his grand entrance as a raven on page 115, I shrieked and proceeded to do my happy dance. Finally, some action and humor!

2. I also had my fangirl moment when Puck and Meghan kissed. It wasn't awkward! Well, if you completely disregarded the fact that Grimalkin claimed that they were humping like rabbits on the bed. Besides that, I thought it was sweet. Before that, I was utterly furious at Meghan for romantically turning to Puck after being turned down by Ash. I wanted to strangle her with her own hair and dump her into a river. She's so unbelievably selfish when it comes to Puck and only Puck. All she--- Okay. I apologize. This is my fangirl section. I shall continue about this later. See how hard it is for me just to fangirl without having my complaints spill out of me?

3. Ironhorse! I absolutely loved him!

1. Meghan's obsession over Ash: Besides Puck's heartbreaking absence in the first 114 pages, I was completely annoyed by Meghan's constant, "Where is Ash? The Winter Prince stole my heart. I loved him. Where is Ash? Knives stabbed my heart as I watched him walk away. I love him! I couldn't stop thinking about him." Ash this. Ash that. Ash. Ash. Ash. "I turned to see if Ash was there or not. I turned to see if Ash was waiting for me or not."


I do not need to read about your constant:


How long have they known each other?

2. The whole "I'm treating you like horse crap because I have to, not because I want to" concept is very exhausting. Seen it before over and over again. And Meghan crying over him and believing that Ash's love for her was false and blah, blah, freaking, blah. He treats her like crap and she cries over it instead of telling him off. That is one of the reasons why I do not want Ash and Meghan as a couple. Besides the fact that they bore me to sleep with their "chemistry", they are just not right for each other.

"We cannot be together. Stay away from me. There are too many barriers." shamefully =


3. Ash is clearly still in love with Ariella. He thinks about her everyday of his life. He compares her to Meghan. He keeps her personal items with her. He is a destroyed prince who is "in love" with a half-breed only becomes she slightly reminds him of his old love. And of course Meghan is absolutely fine with that because she's head-over-heels with him. Idiocy.

4. The love triangle. Why must there be a love triangle? I should have known this would happen, though. I was praying to myself that somehow Meghan would end up with Puck, because he's such an awesome beast that always made her laugh and made her comfortable. BUT NO.

The love triangle = TWILIGHT
Meghan turning to Puck because she's depressed over Ash = TWILIGHT

5. Meghan sometimes befuddled me with her stupid remarks. One time, I just wanted to smack her across her head with my book.

A conversation between Ironhorse and Meghan. This is after Ironhorse kills a pixie that was trying to rip Meghan's head off.

"You didn't have to kill it. It was like three inches tall!"
"Yeah, but you don't need a machine gun to kill a fly. Iron horse killed this teensy little faery---"

So when a knight dies, she's okay with it, but when a little pixie dies, she cries about it? Thank God Grimalkin was there to shout at her for being so stupid and ungrateful that such an enormous creature wanted to protect her. See, Meghan was decent in the first book. She wasn't stupid. Then Ash came along and flipped her brain upside down so that all her cells fell out.

My secret hopes:

1. Despite the fact that Meghan has now returned to her mortal world, I want a new faery to arrive and steal Puck's heart away. She could be anyone. I just want Puck to be with someone who makes Puck their first choice, not second! I just don't want Puck still pining for Meghan at the end of the series. He's Robin Goodfellow hello! Meghan can live happily ever after with her prince, but Puck needs someone better than Meghan.

Someone like... Tiaothin! Eh, eh?

They'd be awesome together! Although, we haven't seen much of her we can conclude that they're both mischievous, sly, and so beastly. I wonder if anyone else ships them? Phin! No, really. I want them together. Really. I'm Sirius Black.

Overall, I am very disappoint, son. This is not how a sequel should be. I just wasn't as happy with this once as I was with The Iron King.
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04/05/2012 page 4
1.0% "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! TAKE THAT, HALO!! TAKE THAT! description" 2 comments
04/05/2012 page 16
4.0% "Ah, Meghan. You're in love with Ash, eh? Just you wait, girl. PUCK! WHERE ARE YOU, PUCK!?!!!!!" 1 comment
04/07/2012 page 101
28.0% "Where is my Puck?! I haven't laughed ONCE while reading this so far! ONCE!!!"
04/07/2012 page 101
28.0% "The first 100 pages were decent. I disliked the fact that Meghan was obsessing over Ash. How Ash is treating her like crap. Yes, he has his reasons. However, it just gives off the CLICHE environment." 2 comments
04/07/2012 page 107
30.0% "Kagawa really knows how to write action/fighting scenes. I enjoy reading them!"
04/07/2012 page 115
32.0% "Puck! He's here! Gah! Finally. Now there's some sense of humor in this book! description" 1 comment
04/07/2012 page 123
34.0% "My heart pounded. A tiny part of me wanted this. Puck had always been there; safe, reliable, protective. He was part of my Court, so there was no stupid law to get in the way. Ash was gone; he had already made up his mind. Why not try with Puck? description Dump her, Puck!"
04/08/2012 page 213
59.0% "So Meghan and Puck finally kiss and Grimalkin had to ruin everything. Stupid cat. However, what he said was funny and made me burst out in laughter. Puck: Did I ever mention how much I hate cats? Grimalkin: Do not blame me, Goodfellow. I was minding my own business long before you and the princess started humping like rabbits. LOL!" 8 comments
04/08/2012 page 263
73.0% "As much as I wanted Ash out of Meghan's life, I still feel really bad for him. Gosh, this is bad. Eep!!!!"
04/08/2012 page 285
79.0% ""What was Puck? Thinking about him, I realized I couldn't say he was just a friend. "Just friends" didn't kiss each other in a bedroom. "Just a friend wouldn't make my stomach squirm in weird ways when he came through a door. Was this love?" description YES, IT IS, STUPID GIRL! FORGET ABOUT ASH, DAMN IT!"
04/08/2012 page 321
89.0% "Oh, God. Ash is back, and he's stealing Meghan's heart away again. Great. Just great!"
04/08/2012 page 359
100.0% "Woah. Just woah. And no. Just no." 7 comments
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Ai Haibara Finally someone who thinks the relationship between Ash and Meghan is annoying and craptastic as I do. :D
I'm still angry over the fact that she kissed Puck only because Ash didn't want her anymore.

Haleema Ai Haibara wrote: "Finally someone who thinks the relationship between Ash and Meghan is annoying and craptastic as I do. :D
I'm still angry over the fact that she kissed Puck only because Ash didn't want her anymore."

Yes! And double yes! I hate Meghan for kissing him for all the wrong reasons. He deserves better, considering he protected her for so long!

Haleema Jahlia ( (the lovely abnix, thing 10 Evil 1)) wrote: "Oh haleema I love Puck too! SO UNFAIR WHAT SHE DID TO HIM!! GRRRRRRRR!!!! D:<

He's just so awesome! She doesn't deserve him :l"

To hell with Meghan! Go Puck!

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard The fourth book is from the perspective of the boys. I enjoyed it the most.

I'm a Puck fan as well.

Haleema Cassi aka Snow White wrote: "The fourth book is from the perspective of the boys. I enjoyed it the most.

I'm a Puck fan as well."

Cassi aka Snow White wrote: "The fourth book is from the perspective of the boys. I enjoyed it the most.

I'm a Puck fan as well."

Really? That is interesting! I can't wait.

Puck is the best character in this series, in my opinion. I love his personality.

Katy THANK YOU. Gosh I loved Puck.

message 7: by Haleema (last edited Apr 15, 2012 12:28PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Haleema Would you guys ship Tiaothin and Puck? Eh, eh?!

message 8: by Alisha (new)

Alisha Hussain Yes!...Puck is such a charismatic character it would be a shame for him to go after Megan when she is obviously in love with Ash. Tiaothin and Puck would make a great pair!!!!

Haleema Alisha wrote: "Yes!...Puck is such a charismatic character it would be a shame for him to go after Megan when she is obviously in love with Ash. Tiaothin and Puck would make a great pair!!!!"

Yay! Now I'm not alone!

Blythe Great review! I just finished this and my biggest issue in this was Meghan. I couldn't stand her in this book.

Haleema Thank you!

Yes, Meghan was irritating with her obsession with Ash and her slight stupidity in certain situations in this one. However, the next two books changed my mind about her! Changed it 360 dah-greez.

Blythe Haleema wrote: "Thank you!

Yes, Meghan was irritating with her obsession with Ash and her slight stupidity in certain situations in this one. However, the next two books changed my mind about her! Changed it 360 ..."

Oh, that's great to hear. Her stupidity and obsession over Ash in this book was unbearable.

Haleema Worry not, my friend! She changes! She morphs into this amazing heroine!

Blythe Woohoo! :D

message 15: by Alex (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alex Oh gosh. Your review made me laugh so much. I agree 100% with you about Meghan and Ash!

Haleema Thank you, Lexi. =D

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Puck is just the most amazing guy in existence (mostly) and I think it seriously sucks how Meghan is such a bitch and ditches him for Ash. Until that happened, I thought she was cool, but then that happened, and I kinda lost some respect for her.

Haleema Thank you, Emily! I completely agree with you. It's not fair how she treated him in this book. However, she figured that out in the third book and felt bad. I appreciated that. She matured.

If Puck only existed in real life... *sighs*

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

I totally agree.

message 20: by Ama (new)

Ama I know right. Puck for life!!!!!!!

Mel (who is deeply in love with herself) For God's sake, HalHal, put a spoiler tag at the start, or something! There was spoiler upon spoiler in the review! Do I even need to bother reading the book now? Well, yes. I stopped reading the review once I stumbled over the first few massive humongous spoilers.

Bad kitty, HalHal! Bad kitty.

(view spoiler)

Haleema Listen, I have spoilers in my reviews and I can't help it. It just kills me. I have to spill them out, MelMel!

Should I actually select the "This review contains spoilers" thingy? Oh, man... Do I have to?! Great. Too lazy.

Mel (who is deeply in love with herself) Fine! Don't hide the whole review. Just throw in a huge WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS BIG-ASS SPOILERS thing at the start.

You have already traumatised me with your careless shenanigans. Let's save the other poor souls out there, shall we? (view spoiler)

message 24: by Haleema (last edited Nov 25, 2012 09:39AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Haleema Calm down, you twit. I did it. I just might have to do that for all my reviews now. Great. You know how many reviews I wrote in my life? Are you happy?

And get your facts straight! Ravenclaws are sharp, intelligent, creative, and very studious, for your information, you filthy Muggle. And what do you mean good or bad? All the houses contain good traits and flaws. Of course, you wouldn't know that, considering you didn't read the books! -_-

message 25: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel Just finished the first book completely disappointed and wanted to read some reviews on the second. I have to remind you of how stupid Meghan was in the first book. She wouldn't let Puck or Ash kill anybody in the first book either. I can't imagine her getting any more annoying. Dare I read this?

message 26: by Haleema (last edited Dec 05, 2012 08:01AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Haleema Oh, yeah! It doesn't make sense. She comes to a dangerous, different world and there are two guys that want to protect and she doesn't let them? Nonsense!

You should read this! It will give you a great laugh. And read it for Grimalkin and Puck! They're awesome. However, you'll need a lot of strength to deal with Meghan and Ash... Ugh.

Katee *Claps* completely agree w/ u!! I'm tired of hearing all this "Team Ash" crap! But I think what bugs me the most is how much Meghan cries!! I mean dang! This girl is so dramatic! It's like every 5 pages she cries about something else...... smh

message 28: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Oliver Im soooooooooo disappointed after reading just the first book, is it ven worth reading the rest of the series... Im a die hard team Puck and i know im just gonna get my heart broken O_o

Haleema Well, the second book is utterly horrible! You'll just have to tolerate through that one. However, the rest are good! It's up to you. =P

I am Team Puck as well! He's my favorite character.

Tristen They would be a wonderful couple I agree :)

Angélica Oh my gosh I was bummed out when Tiaothin didn't appear later in the book. She just disappeared. :(

Haleema I know! She was amazing.

message 33: by Lea (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lea Ah even though I really liked this one and didn't mind the love triangle, I totally see where you're coming from and how Meghan was a bit of an imbecile haha. I really enjoyed your review, you make some great points!!

message 34: by Jane (new) - added it

Jane Oh my god, I agree soooo much.
Screw Ash, He's annoying and completely in love with Ariella, he'd never love Meghan as much as he loved her. And Meghan should know that.
I honestly hate Meghan, she's annoying, and whiny and she cries all the time.
I absolutely adore Puck and she doesn't deserve his love, but she uses it for her own selfish purposes because she's sad about Ash.
She's pathetic.

Christina Finally someone who's team Puck, I agree 100% I kept hoping Meghan would see the light but sadly, no. Puck deserves better than her anyways. I agree Meghan and 'Ice-boy's relationship is totally unrealistic.

Annie (iliveandbreathewords) I agree. Ash and Megan's relationship is really unrealistic. And when it comes to Megan's treatment of Puck....yeah, no. I do not like the way she runs to him just because Ash doesn't like her. Ugh. I loved Megan in the first book but she really began to annoy me in this book and I just couldn't finish it.

Jessica You need to re-read The Iron King. Meghan was plenty stupid in that one.

Haleema I agree, now that I think about it! A lot of people pointed out how stupid she was. It's hilarious.

message 39: by Mad (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mad Dawg I totally agree with you on the Puck and Tiaothin!! They should totally be together!! But I think Meghan should've listened to Puck and stayed. She could've been happy with him. She wouldn't have had to break any rules. And you're right, Ash clearly still loves Ariella!! Meghan should care and totally forget about him. Puck makes her laugh, Ash makes her cry!! Is it that hard of a decision?? I like the series, but it would be way better if they ended up together in the end, even if it was after she became queen!! If I was Meghan I would've picked Puck from the start. If only Meghan could be less stupid and have a brain. *sigh*

Annie (iliveandbreathewords) Jessica wrote: "You need to re-read The Iron King. Meghan was plenty stupid in that one."

I don't remember her doing anything annoying in the first one but it's been a while since I read it.

Jilly I love the Tiaothin & Puck idea! :)

Haleema Right? They would be very cute together.

Keilly Ok first off.... Ash freakin TELLS Meghan that he is going to disrespect her and feign hatred towards her in the court. I hate how she is all "Is Ash here? I trust him completely! He will sacrifice anything for me because I am a damsel in distress that can't learn to care for myself!" It just annoyed the crap out of me.

Then, she decides to fall back on Puck, because Ash isn't there and having a pity party. Shame.

I really don't mind that Puck is single, that means that I can dream about him without feeling like Meghan should. ( Also, I'm sorry, but i don't really see Tiaothin and Puck together. She just seems.... I don't know.... a little off?)

Finally, i really like Grim's personality. He just flat out sees Meghan for the way she is.

Thank God she evolves into a better heroine later in the series.

Madelyn Hey so this might be a stupid question, but how on earth did you get gifs and pics into your review?

Muhammad Essop You put all my thoughts so eloquently into a review.

message 47: by Marin (new)

Marin Way I COMPLETELY agree with your review. Though I disliked the first book as much as I did this one. I'm not sure why I kept reading.

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