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Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury
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Mar 19, 2012

it was amazing

A spectacular story by one of the grandmasters of literature. There is nothing quite like a Bradbury novel, the description so vibrant and crisp, so colorful and blinding, and oh so achingly and beautifully haunting.

Will and Jim are boyhood pals, the same age yet one is of the Summer and one is of the Night. They do everything together, and reading about them and their escapades brings me back to my own childhood and adventures I went on. A world that adults somehow have lost the ability to see and perceive, growing up and out of it. Then enter the carnival of Mr. Dark and Mr. Cooger and all their freaks, silently stealing into the meadow/forest beyond the town in the middle of the night. The boys, on a midnight adventure hearing the train, hide and watch as they put up stakes while listening to the funeral dirge from the calliope, foreshadowing the days ahead as its masters lay claim to yet another town.

The boys eventually go to the carnival and Will immediately sees the danger and knows he will have to save Jim, whom lives half in the night and is drawn to the carnival as it speaks to him in a language only he seems able to hear. Then one night they see Mr. Cooger ride the carousel backwards, until he is just a boy of about their age. And then the hunt begins. Cooger is after the boys teacher, having tempted her in the mirror maze with her youthful self he goes to collect a soul. But the boys try to save her and wind up giving themselves away. As they fight Cooger they manage to age him on the carousel, aging him to 200+ years. Dust and bones, and kept alive in a chair with electricity by Mr. Dark. Now just a sideshow, Mr. Electrico.

The freaks then come after the boys. A bone-chilling chapter of evading the Dust Witch in her balloon, hiding from the entire carnival as they put on a parade, as well as Mr. Dark who manages to get their names and ink their images to his flesh, binding them to his will. The boys enlist the help of Will’s dad who believes their stories of what’s happened the past few days, and it all ends in a showdown between the boys with Will’s dad, and Mr. Dark and his freaks. In the end the boys win, Mr. Dark is killed, and the freaks leave defeated… for now. The boys a little older in wisdom, experience, and in physical form for Jim and Will’s hand. And Will’s Dad is just a little bit younger, having found his inner child and allowed him to finally take part in the world. But now always watching out for the people of Autumn.

There were so many good parts, and Bradbury can bring me to tears or have my heart literally pounding in my throat. It would be 10 stars if I could give it, I feel like it is utter perfection.

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