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Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen
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Mar 19, 2012

really liked it
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Loved the book! OMG I haven't been reading in a while, and when I picked up, the first 2 books I read before this were rather disappointing. Not to say that they were bad, but I was hoping for a warmer welcome from the world of books. My expectations were a tad too high. But hmpph, this book is 2 books late.
Well, that having said, I think this book is the best adaptation (if that's the correct word) of Robin Hood yet. The leading lady in this book, Scarlet is one damn badass! (In a really really good way). If there's any women who can stand on her own two feet and hold her own, she's Scarlet. We all know that in the original story, Maid Marian was the only female character that had more than 5 dialogues, right? Well, move over Maid M, an independent female lead is so much more interesting and exciting!! (view spoiler)
I do believe, sadly, that Robin gets kinda overshadowed in the story. I think that while the author focused a huge chunk of the story on proving how independent and perfect Scarlet is (and does one heck of a job, this girl's a keeper!), Robin's heroic form is not delivered to the readers. I mean, we all know that Robin is THE hero in the folklore, right? He sure was downplayed in this book. Why is it always, ALWAYS Scarlet who saves the day? Throughout the entire plot all Robin does is play witness to Scarlet's heroism (heroinism if there were such a word), coincidentally happen to be away from the drama and action, or save Scarlet only when absolutely necessary (trust me it ain't often). I really was expecting him to do more.
But that doesn't mean that Robin himself isn't one heck of a guy. A swoon-worthy guy. Not only he has the looks (at least in my mind), he's extremely nice and sweet. In a nice,, masculine way too. Who needs bad-boy protagonists when this one can still seem macho being Mr Nice Guy? Yeah, he still has his rough-ups sometimes. But sometimes I think he ought to be a saint rather than an outlaw.
This book has a lot of twists, surprises, and ample conflict (ooh I loved the rampage going on within Scarlet). Every character's voice was heard, and each made a sound impact in this book.
Too bad this book doesn't have a sequel. I don't think I could read any RH adaptations again without being reminded of this one.

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