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Quantum by Patricia Cornwell
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it was ok

It feels like Patricia Cornwell read The Martian by Andy Weir and then whinged to her publisher that it’s not fair that Andy can write a book that’s all science and math but she has to keep releasing books in a series that’s 25 books long published over 30 years and she’s sick of writing about a forensic examiner and wants to write about NASA, maths and science, (probably just to show off her intelligence) and if Andy can do it, why not her? And that’s how it feels like this book was born.

The problem is that all the science in the The Martian was balanced with the phenomenal character Mark Watney and a heavy dose of humour. Sure, the maths was there and complex and I didn’t get it, but I got the gist and it was kind of funny. In this book, there’s just maths for no real reason. At one point she’s calculating how much energy is consumed by the Christmas lights, but why?! It was mildly important to the plot, which just shows how boring of a plot it was!

I was interested in reading this book because I did like the Kay Scarpetta series back when I was reading it as a teenager in the nineties (what librarian was letting me check those books out?!) but I lost touch with the series during a seven year reading hiatus in my 20’s and with so many books out now, it’s just too intimidating to pick up. So when I saw Patricia coming out with a new series, I thought it was perfect to get back to her writing but with less commitment.

I’m also a little bit into Quantum Physics, I saw a movie years ago called What the The Bleep Do We Know that attempts to explain Quantum Physics. I watched it during a time when I had attempted suicide a few times, and this movie moved me and Quantum Physics became part of my personal spirituality in that all things are connected and we are all just energy and our thoughts can affect our universe. I thought this book would touch into that side of Quantum Physics, but instead I don’t even really know why the book is called Quantum. The word Quantum was used, but I was zoning out so much from boredom that I can’t tell you why. Maybe it’s some machine?

I listened to the audiobook and I restarted it like 5 times because I could just not understand what was happening and in the end gave up and just went with the flow. The narrator did a great job actually, she did really emotional distressed sounding voice when needed. It was actually the book and the writing that was bad. I zoned out so much that I can’t even spoil the end if I wanted too. I strongly recommend reading this book not listening to it. I looked at the ebook on Kindle Unlimited after I finished the audiobook to have a look at structure and there are paragraphs in italic and other sections separated by a series of zeroes, kind of like a nerdy squiggly line. The problem is that on the audio version, the narrator can’t talk in italics and didn’t say the zeros and the production didn’t put a very long pause between to indicate a new section. So it meant it was very confusing! We would jump back and forward in time but I didn’t realise and I was just very confused. But then the pauses at the end of the chapters were extraordinarily long so much so that I checked to see if it was still playing! The production quality really let this book down.

I thought the book was about NASA and space and astronauts. Nope. Captain Chase is basically a security guard and we follow drama on the ground mostly about tunnels and security access and whose in what buildings etc. It’s not about Astronauts and Space travel. It’s like a cop crime book but more like a mall cop and instead of the mall it’s the NASA buildings. Not the cool like control room NASA stuff you see in movies, but like just the shitty kitchen and tunnels underground and shit like that. Can you say boring?

The main character is this super smart educated twin from NASA scientist parents whose a total badass but she still lives at what? I’m sorry that doesn’t mesh in my head. Also her twins name is Carme, pronounced Karma, and then there were all these comments about good and bad karma and it was just cringe worthy.

Overall this is a very weak book and a terrible translation into audiobook. Would only recommend to read with your eyes, and probably only for people who really like cop books with a smidge of crime in them and love maths.
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