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Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce
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Mar 18, 2012

really liked it
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Read in March, 2012

I'm starting to wonder if Tamora Pierce could even write something that would disappoint me. No, I'm not looking for her to fail me, but usually after reading this many books by the same author I've read at least one dud. I'm still waiting to find that dud in Pierce's works.

Beka Cooper is a great and beleiveable character and appears to be a touch older than the other characters that Pierce's books usually focus on, which appeals to me because my teen years are getting further and further behind me. Pierce always write a strong woman, pretty but not beautiful enough that you'd hate her on sight with a realistic fear or character flaw. I have yet to meet a Pierce heroine who I have not loved.

This book contains a good amount of slang terms to fit the world for example 'mot' is a woman, 'cove' is a man, but there is a handy little glossary in the back for those who can't pick up the meaning from the context.

Mild spoilers follow for the start of the book only:

The story centers around Beka as she struggles to find a partner who can stick with her. This dilemma fades quickly into the background as she discovers counterfiet silver coins (referred to in the book as coles) and hunts the colemongers all the way back to another town.

In her acknowledgements Pierce confesses she often wondered if counterfieting would be interesting enough a topic for the book. In itself yes it was, but throw in all the fun characters, the new city setting, the as always fantastic action that Pierce writes and some heated romance and I think I can safely tell her she need not have fretted.

I recommend this not just to Tamora Pierce fans (who would have already read this and the sequel by now since I'm so slow in having read and reviewed this) but also to those who might like a change of pace from the standard fare of young adult novels. Of course reading book one (Terrier) is almost mandatory for true enjoyment of Bloodhound.
Now, on to volume three!

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