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Passion's Joy by Jennifer Horsman
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Mar 18, 2012

liked it

** spoiler alert ** Old style bodice ripper only for me not so much as some of those. Ram, yes his name is really Ram, meets up w/ Joy who works for the underground railroad. He is attracted to her but he doesn’t openly pursue her. He does many other things for her, but holds off on that. Perhaps because he feels he could really love this young woman. Then Joy pretty much sales herself to Ram via a third party – sorry but the way Ram explained it she did prostitute herself. It was his buddy that did that offer and he did so when he believed it would be her time – he has a point to make. Ram believes something else of her and partakes of the offer, realizes the truth and the forces the issue or RAMS the issue home via that terrible four letter word. You got it hence the ripper in bodice!

Buddy gets what he wants and of course Joy runs from Ram. He finds her later and she is pregnant. Oh darn now she is caring the evil that courses through his family in her womb. He can’t force that abortion on her now. Must marry her and try to protect her from being killed by that devil child! There was no clear cut him cheating on her over the course of the marriage. Up until she gives birth to their child he seems pretty great. Once she delivers the child he steps back and even then there isn’t any definite answer for him cheating. Maybe he did maybe he didn’t. I suppose it depends on what you want to believe. I’m sure he eventually would but then he seems to think he found another method to take care of any other ill begotten devil’s spawns.

Ram and Joy soon are off again seeming to live the happy life but he doesn’t want any more kids. He fears that evil will emerge in the next one even though the first was spared the effects of it. Joy of course doesn’t believe any of that riff raff and can’t understand his stance on that either. Well the inevitable happens again – one wonders why he doesn’t spill outside, use vinegar sponge or even, what is it called, a French letter (maybe those weren’t around then?). At any rate it happens and he instead uses a drug and drug that can cause a lot of bad side effects and possibly even her death, right? What if she was given too much? Well she wasn’t but it did take care of his problem only now she is royally PO! She gives him a piece of her mind and returns home to America. Just think when he learns the truth how awful he will feel for what he did. She and her friends figure it out via some spiritual aid and come to get the truth for Ram and explain it to him and a HEA for all.

Not a bad book but the beginning seemed to drag for me. It finally picked up and the second half was pretty good.

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