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Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
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Mar 18, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from May 01 to 18, 2012 — I own a copy

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed Girl of Nightmares. I was kind of on the edge with a lot of Anna Dressed in Blood, but it felt as if all my problems with it were answered in Girl of Nightmares.

The first half of the book was….bleh. There were a bunch of things that annoyed me and I was certain that I would like it less than the first.

My Problems with the first half of the book:

1. Cas was annoying and wimpy. He was acting as if he had been in love with Anna forever before she was taken by the Obheaman, instead of having their first kiss shortly before that. He even called her his girlfriend. Apparently a couple kisses means girlfriend. Duh….
2. There were some really weird phrases that the author used that didn’t really make sense. Like, “…and the sun is livening the leaves” That just don't make any sense.
3. It was written as if there was a solution. Even when they had no clue how to go about saving Anna and they questioned whether it was possible it was still always assumed that they would find a way. Never considering the fact that it might be impossible or what not. I guess it was just written like a book, books have to be resolved. Life sometimes isn’t resolved. I think it would have been better if it had been written like life instead of a book.

However. And this however changed my rating for the book completely. It’s incredible how much it changed. Incredible. And it all stems from this….

(view spoiler)

And from there things take a complete turn around and I am left terrified and delighted! I loved the added intrigue of the Order which answered so many question from the first book and showed that Cas didn’t know everything like he thought he did. Suicide Forest….yeah. That atmosphere I was missing in Anna Dressed in Blood. It showed up here and then never left. Plus Cas was afraid which made me terrified. (view spoiler)

Then, as if Blake decided that she needed to make the book even more awesome Cas and Co. arrive at the Order’s…compound thing. And yeah, it is creepy and cult like and Cas is weirded out, but that’s not the awesome part. Instead, the awesome part arrives when Cas finally enters into the Obheaman’s….home or whatever, Hell is what they kept calling it. And that atmosphere I was missing in ADiB comes and hits me in the face and says, “You were looking for me?” And I was in love with the book.

Things that made the second half of this book awesome:

1. Jestine….ahhhh Jestine. How I adore your character and your awesomeness. You are like a breath of fresh annoying air. I am eager to see more of you and your awesomeness as you prove yourself cooler than Cas over and over.
2. As I said before it was terrifying. And I loved loved loved it! I read the part about Suicide Forest at night. Bad idea.
3. The romaaaaaaaance!!!!!! (view spoiler)
4. Carmel. She is just awesome in the second half of this book. The girls are totally kicking it in the latter half of the book. Cas and Thomas don’t stand a chance.
5. Hobbits were mentioned.

And one last thing to sum everything up, it was hilarious all the way through. Cas (And everyone and everything else) was annoying in the beginning and in the middle everyone and everything became awesome and I love it. Also, his mom needs to get a new cat.

Soundtrack: She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk0fxi...

Premise - 4/5
Characters - 5/5
Writing Style - 3/5
Story – 4/5
Realistic(the plot made sense) - 4/5
Enjoyment – 5/5

Average Rating - 4.1
My Rating - 5
Cover – I don’t know how the finished copy will look, but I like the concept of this cover a lot. Anna is perfectly placed and posed, but I don’t like the creepy red things and the way the lava and rocks are, it isn’t how I imagined the place at all.
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Kendare Blake
“Jesus. I have become the thing they call the third wheel.”
Kendare Blake, Girl of Nightmares
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Kendare Blake
“Every time I question him about the feasibility, he smiles at me like he's Yoda and I'm just a dumbass without the Force.”
Kendare Blake, Girl of Nightmares

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