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The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin
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There are really no words to convey how deeply I felt for this book. With every word, every sentence, every paragraph, Lara Zielin weaved a stunningly emotional story of family, love, and what it takes to make the right decisions. And she doesn't keep anything sugar-coated. She hands them to you, even if they might be covered in thorns.

The Waiting Sky is about Jane, a girl living with her alcoholic mother and trying to keep the family going, while trying to stay alive in the process. You don't read many books with girls such as Jane. She was expertly written and realistically human. Zielin reveals to you Jane's personality smoothly: her undying loyalty, selflessness, and yearning for a whole and loving family. Jane's every emotion and thought was vividly felt by me. While I felt that Max, Cat, and the other Tornado Brothers could have been developed more, the characters in The Waiting Sky were definitely well written.

The characters weren't the only thing I loved about this book. The entire plot - chasing tornadoes, learning to let go and move on, and, of course, the romance - made the book more beautiful than it already was. The relationships between each individual character was strong, the bonds unbreakable. One of my favorite parts is how Zielin is able to infuse tornadoes, whirlwinds of chaos and destruction, into Jane's equally disruptive life.

The Waiting Sky is a book full of tears but with equal amounts of happiness. An emotional, beautiful, and compelling read, The Waiting Sky has definitely made it onto my list of all-time favorites. This is one book that will not let you go once you're done with it!

5 stars.

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Megan You definitely should! It's an amazing contemporary. :)

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