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Dark Flame by Alyson Noel
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Before I start shamelessly ripping this book apart, I want to say that Dark Flame was SLIGHTLY better than Shadowland, and I really mean slightly.

Ever, once again, does stupid things. First, she accidentally bounds herself with his enemy, Roman. What it means by that is that, she can't stop thinking about fucking his brains off. And then, she made Haven an immortal. Damn you, Ever Bloom. WHY ARE YOU FREAKING STUPID?!!

Yeah, seriously?

And from beginning to end Ever keeps doing impulsive stupidities. From cutting Jude to prove if he was a rogue(which he wasn't), to keeping secrets from Damen so he doesn't lose his patience with her. Yeah, like you were ever perfect, Ever.

And Haven is a psychopath, self-absorbed, bitchy parasite. Now that she is immortal, she's all like: Look at me! I'm immortal! Everyone bow down to me! I'm powerful and can kick ass! Ever, you're just jealous because you're not as powerful as me! You want to steal my super-hunk boyfriend, Ever! Leave me alone! I didn't need saving! I don't know why, but I was invisible back then, but now I want everyone to love me! OMG! You killed my boyfriend! World War 3!

I can totally picture her doing that while talking.


Roman and Ever almost had SEX! SCANDAL! It would have been really interesting if they did. I felt a sexual tension between and wanted them to fuck already. Too bad they didn't. *sad face*
Roman and his games are boring now. But he is still sexy. When we discover his hidden past, I began to have a sympathy for him. I wanted to comfort him.
I also liked when Ever was being all femme fatale on him so he could give her the antidote so Damen and her could finally have sex. Seductive.

And just when she almost had it, Jude appears out of nowhere and kills Roman.


And Haven wants revenge and wants to kill Ever even though it wasn't her fault.

And Damen is pissing me off. He is WAY too understanding. When Ever tells the truth about everything, he is just like: "It's okay, I still love you."

I can't wait to finish this crap-tastic series.
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