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The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan
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Before I even start my rant review, let me just say that it probably will contain spoilers!

That being said:

I am so freaking happy that I've read this book!! :D And sad as well because it is the last one in The Kane Chronicles and I am really going to miss Carter, Sadie, Walt, Anubis, Amos, Bast, Best and all the others. :'(
So, I've finished the previous book like 2 days ago and I was here biting my fingernails because I so wanted to know what was going to happen and now that I know I'm like:

Fellows, The Serpent's Shadow is a huge emotional roller coaster!! You will constantly be on edge!!
I was very much nervous and looking forward to read about the solution that Sadie and Carter would pull off to exterminate Apophis once and for all. I must say I'm impressed!
Great idea the one about using the creep's shadow in order to destroy him. Well done, Sadie and Carter. And, of course, well done Walt, my love. +.+
OMG, you so cannot imagine my anguish because of Walt. I didn't want him to die so when he said that Anubis was sure that he had only one more day I was like:

It couldn't be true! I was like "No, Mr Riordan won't do this to me! He will save Walt, one way or another!"
And then Walt dies. And then he awakes, apparently, as Anubis and I was like:

Don't get me wrong. I love Anubis as well but it wouldn't be fair to Walt if something like that happened..I mean, can you imagine if you died and the immortal guy, who also loves the girl you love, took over your body and spent the rest of his days with her?? I would be seriously pissed!! xD
I really freaked out when I thought that Mr Riordan had sacrificed Walt for the sake of Anubis having a human body and being able to be with Sadie. :S
Fortunately, Walt woke as my Walt with the particularity of being hosting Anubis. =D

Now, Sadie has the guy she loves aka Walt and the god she loves aka Anubis. Lucky bastard!!
And Carter finally grabbed Zia!! Hallelujah!! xD

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Zohal LOLZ at picture three

Lucy Qhuay xD Girl, picture 3 describes very well this girl called Lucy when she thought that Walt had only one more day to live xD

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