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1984 by George Orwell
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Mar 17, 2012

really liked it
Read from March 17 to April 13, 2012

George Orwell is, in my opinion, one of the smartest people ever to live. This book is just something else.
Ok, so first of all, this was a book I had to read for school. So, I'll admit I had a bias against it when I opened the cover. Now the first 90 or so pages are absolutely positively BORING. No plot. It's basically describing in different ways---either outright description or the main character finding basic stuff out.
Now, I guess in Orwell's time, this book would've been very refreshing, because it was the very first dystopian style book. However, since then many other popular dystopian books have risen, such as Brave New World or Hunger Games---both of which would have more general appeal. So why read 1984 you might ask? There's always a charm about the very first.
This book isn't for everyone. If you're looking for action, comedy, or romance, this isn't it. Only in the last quarter does any kind of action happen, and it's not nearly as much as what we're used to nowadays.
No, what I find appealing about this book is how dark and even bordering on sadistic it is. We've all read dystopian books with robotic societies, so this book doesn't stand out for that reason. The reason lays in its descriptions, inside a lot of waffle. If you thoroughly read specific parts like the book within the book or the part where O'Brien reasons with Winston at the endish, you see a different perspective of life. It shows how useless society is and how many games we have to play in our lives to ultimately realize that we've wasted out lives.
The book starts off with Winston, the main character, trying to overcome this robotic society. And as readers, we naturally are inclined to see that in the end, Winston will succeed. Not only does Winston not succeed, but he also realizes why it was stupid of him to try a revolution. So do we. At first, when you finish the book, you think that Orwell was trying to show how we should fight society's pointless games. But after thinking for a little bit, you realize Orwell's ultimate message is to not fight society, because you will never win---so stop caring and just let yourself go.
Anyway, this is all the book in a nutshell and me absentmindedly talking. I have way more opinions and thoughts to share about this book, but I'd rather you just read it yourself and see what I'm talking about.
This book is really only for deep thinkers and very miserable or dark people. It's fuel to the fire. Otherwise it's just pointless ashes. Enjoy playing the game.

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