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Mar 17, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-young-adult, new-adult

What can I honestly say about EASY? I can't tell you anything that hasn't been written by almost every person who's read this book, that EASY was amazing, brilliant, engrossing, lovely, utterly un-put-down-able, etc, etc. Because it is. This book is every single one of those adjectives and so many more.

EASY wasn't an easy story to read. Make no mistake, it's brilliantly, beautifully written, but the subject matter was tough. EASY is about identity, self-worth, self-awareness, trust, sexual assault, the long-lasting impact of traumatic events, for starters. This was an emotionally heavy, draining book. I read it slowly, making myself absorb each and every moment, made myself step away for a few moments when I became overwhelmed. And Webber handled each sensitive subject with remarkable sensitivity, and honesty. As someone who has experienced (to an extent) what Jacqueline does in this story, I'll admit, I was scared to read this and bit overwhelmed while I did. Jacqueline isn't the only one in the story dealing with trauma, though, as she discovers when she begins to fall in love. I can't go into it because of spoilers, but let me say, my pillow was soaked with tears after I discovered the truth about this characters past. It was heartbreaking.  Bit by bit, though, Webber brings the characters through to the other side, giving them awareness and strength to overcome. It as tremendously apparent that she gave careful consideration to each word, thought, and action of her characters. 

As much I've talked about the serious aspects to the book, I have to tell you, EASY was funny. I spent a lot of the time reading staring at my kindle with a smirk on my face or just flat-out laughing. The interactions between Lucas, with his laid-back manner, and Jacqueline were so cute. The emails between Jacqueline and her tutor Landon were adorable and flirtatious. The hands-down funniest moments, though, were courtesy of Jacqueline's best friend Erin. This girl is an absolute riot. With lines like this....

"I have to get to French on time on Monsieur Bidot will question me mercilessly in passe' compose'. I can barely do past tense in English. God knows I can't do it en francais at ass o'clock in the morning."(ebook, 5%)

And trust me, that's mild for Erin. But she is also fiercely loyal, determined. I gotta say, I would love for her to have her own story. But my point is, yes, EASY is very intense, and has so much depth, but there is also laughter in the midst of the pain. Much like life.

Tammara Webber writes characters that I want to know, that I care about, and always hate to leave behind. Her female characters have an adorable, endearing manner that makes me want to protect them, and be their best friend. And her guys? I've been stating for months now that Graham Douglas (from the Between the Lines series) is the fictional love of my life (Not in a skeevy way, of course. I just love him.) That's still true, I think. But holy cow, Lucas gives Graham a run for his money. I'm not sure what it is, they're both thoughtful, gorgeous, and quietly sexy. One advantage that Lucas has is his tattoos. He has lots of them. And what's even better is, his tattoos are meaningful. The type of meaningful that makes your heart drop and leaves you a little bit dizzy. Much like his kisses. *sighs deeply*

Tammara Webber is one of the best authors out there, period. Each of her books has been a pleasure, a priviledge to read. So if you haven't read every one of her books, do yourself a favor and go get them. I guarantee that you won't regret the money and time spent. 

Favorite Quotes:

"I felt an impulse to bring my fingertips to his face and trail them over his freshly shaven jaw, the sexy scruff from yesterday gone. His skin wouldn't redden mine now if he kissed me, hard. I would feel nothing but his mouth on mine - and maybe that slim ring at the edge of his lip..." (ebook, 16%)

"My heart reached for him as we listened, staring at each other, and I felt the threads of connection between us- fragile filaments, so easily snapped. Like the poem etched in his side, we were each curving to fit inside the other, and this melting and reshaping be deeper, more resilient." (ebook, 88%)

"The way he kissed me felt like a brand. Like he was tattooing himself under my skin. 
He knew all my secrets, and I knew his." (ebook, 89%)

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Quotes Andrea Liked

Tammara Webber
“His jaw clenched. "Okay, so I guess trying to let you down easy was a bad idea--"

"This is your idea of letting me down easy? Breaking up with me so you can screw other girls? Without feeling guilty? Are you serious?"

"As a heart attack."

The last thing I thought before I picked up my econ textbook and hurled it at him: How can he use such a piece-of-shit cliche in a moment like this?”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“Sisters in solidarity and all that shit.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“Bonus: I now knew what Erin meant by lickable abs.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“He stuck the pencil over his ear, looking unconvinced. "Mmm. What position would you be the most comfortable for you?"

I couldn't say aloud the answers that popped into my head at that question, but the flush that spread across my face like wildfire gave me away. He caught his lower lip in his teeth, and I was sure it was to contain a laugh. Most comfortable position? What about with my head stuck under a pillow?”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“I'm going to arrange you, if that's okay?"

I swallowed. "Uh... sure." My hands were clutched to my ribcage, my shoulders hunched almost to my ears. What, this isn't how you want me positioned?”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“If someone had asked, "How does this compare to kissing Kennedy?" I would have answered, "Who?”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“Too much quiet left me depressed and consuming condiments for meals.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“Ugh! Erin. You have a one-track mind."

She smiled deviously. "I prefer to think of it as target-driven.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“You're full of contradictions, Ms. Wallace."
I looked up at him and arched a brow. "I'm a girl. That's part of the job description, Mr. Maxfield.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“I wanted to tell you that I just--I miss you. And maybe that sounds ridiculous--like we barely know each other, but between the emails and texts and... everything else, I felt like we did. Like we do. and I miss--I don't know how else to say it--I miss both of you.”
Tammara Webber, Easy

Tammara Webber
“Love is not the absence of logic
but logic examined and recalculated
heated and curved to fit
inside the contours of the heart”
Tammara Webber, Easy

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Kim (Sliced Open Reviews) Ohhh I am so excited for you!!! I will be watching like a hawk for your review! Hope your enjoying it!

Andrea I just started it, but I *know* that I will love it!

Jessica Viteri One of my favorite books! I completely fell in love with this book and the characters.

Andrea I did too! Lucas completely broke my heart. The entire story was just brilliant.

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I'm really looking forward to reading this book since its been getting good buzz around the web. Thanks for the review!

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