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The Day of First Sun by Sheryl Steines
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Day of First Sun is the first book by Sheryl. While I will admit, it is more of a YA book than something is for an adult that did not keep me from enjoying the book. Please remember that the following review is my opinion of the book read. To form your own opinions please support the author and acquire your own legal copy of the book.

When Princess Amelie of Amborix is murdered by magical means, the FBI calls in Annie Pearce and Bobby “Cham” Chamsky of the Wizard’s Guard. Their job is to help solve the crime while keeping the non-magical world from discovering the existence of the Wizard Council.

During their investigation, Annie and Cham discover that Princess Amelie’s death is connected to a series of other crimes in the Chicago area. A larger plot involving, a vampire, a rogue wizard and an army of soul-less zombies is revealed, but can Annie and Cham discover who is responsible before The Day of First Sun?
Main Characters: Annie Pearce, Cham (Bobby Chamsky), Sturtagaard

This book starts out with Annie as a young 9-year-old girl. She is trying to get tangles out of her hair but it is refusing to cooperate. Just as Annie was about to think taking the scissors to her hair would be her best option Zola come in to help straighten out the mess. Annie is trying to get ready to leave for a performance where her sister, Samantha would be singing. The performance was part of the annual employee’s picnic at Wizard Hall. During this time Annie meets her future mate she just does not know it until years later.

Annie and Cham start working together after they graduate from the Wizard Academy. They are part of the Wizard’s Guard. They hunt for vampires, zombies, and the people that perform black magic.

The book is set in the current time but does not have many high tech unknown gadgets in it. The only part of the book that would be classified as other world is the magic. The magic is alive in this book but the average citizen in America does not know about it. Maybe it is me but that is the amazing part. This is a book that I had a hard time putting down. I wanted to keep reading to find out what happens next.

The characters in this book are so each to connect with and imagine what they are actually like. Annie is a strong female character that is able to stand on her own but knows that having help is not something bad. While reading this book I got the feeling that maybe there is something out there like this that I know nothing about and maybe it is a good thing.

If you are looking for magic, strong characters with a feeling of awe then pick up this book today at Amazon.

The bunnies and I give this book 4 carrots.

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