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Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner
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Mar 16, 2012

liked it
bookshelves: angsty-goodness, humourous, women-s-fiction-esque
Read from March 16 to 18, 2012

Looks like I called it when I wondered why the doctor supervising the diet group should be the hero. Which brings me to my first quibble -- a fabulous, head-together SINGLE Jewish doctor in his thirties? I seriously contemplated slapping a fantasy shelf on Good in Bed.

I liked Weiner's writing a lot -- hard to believe this is a first novel. The reason it has 3 stars instead of 4 or even more is the horrible detour into Nicholas Sparks territory at the end. I'm not going to reveal any spoilers but the course of Cannie's surprise pregnancy was, in my opinion, so out of keeping with the tone of the novel up til then. I never bought into it and I didn't like it and it certainly didn't make me appreciate the *ahem* seriousness of the novel. Just no.

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03/17/2012 page 3
1.0% "Cannie? That's the heroine's name? I can't wrap my head around it. Canny, some horrible referencs I don't want to type, Mannie ... no. It isn't going to work. Maybe I'll rename her Connie. Chick lit from the other side of the pond has cooler names. Like Poppy in Sophie Kinsella's "I've Got Your Number". Because the name has to be flashy and memorable but I think it should have some sparkle too."
03/17/2012 page 5
1.0% ""I never thought of myself as a chubby-chaser". Said sad-sack-of-shit former boyfriend, now expose writer. How come public humiliation is such a part of Chick Lit? Does it have to be? I just read one where there wasn't. Clever brilliant opening scene though. Wow, worst nightmare time."
03/17/2012 page 19
5.0% "Is this a 1st novel? The heroine is looking at herself in a mirror. Sigh. But stay tuned for a thrilling description: "Eyes exactly the color of the ocean in the Menemsha harbor in Martha's Vineyard, a beautiful grapey green." And of course we all know how popular MV is w/the NYC crowd so great reference. Weiner also describes Cannie's eyes as "avid and hungry and desperate". Cannie's drive is palpable. Invigorating."
03/17/2012 page 21
6.0% "First Orange and Black Princeton mention. This better not be a drinking game. Hoist a glass when ... Understandable perhaps, especially living and working right across the river so to speak and of course running into alum everywhere. The internal yardstick must go into overdrive."
03/17/2012 page 36
10.0% "Cannie wants drugs and she wants them NOW! We find out her real name, Candace (much better!) and also that her loving descriptions of food are sinful and calorie laden. In order to be accepted into a weight loss drug trial, she has to fill out an enyclopedic questionnaire, including favourite foods. Oh My. "... remembered the chocolate bread pudding at the Silk City Diner, heated and w/fresh whipped cream""
03/17/2012 page 39
10.0% "I liked basso profundo Dr. K. Would it be unethical for Cannie to date him? And moving right along to pg. 45, it's pretty clear that there's a lot of love for Cannie's size and queenly*ness from former beau Bruce. Not saying he doesn't sound like a loser but the article for Moxie is quite touching."
03/17/2012 page 46
12.0% "I can't do it -- Chapter 4, which is 40 pages long, is just too much. Cannie's first job, her escape from just wants to be friends date possiblity, her trials at the office ... there's a lot happening here. Best: the ladies of the want-drugs/lose-weight trial revolt when the trim nurse starts talking about portion size and take the skin off chicken. Weiner at her satirical/sad best when describing weight loss."
03/18/2012 page 376
100.0% "Done! Lots to say about this book but I'm mulling it over. Thumbs up or down, definitely up!"

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message 1: by willaful (new)

willaful Don't even try the sequel. Just don't.

Janet Oh I already surmised the plot of the sequel. You couldn't pay me. I did like her "obligatory" book about the Governor and the Stand-By-Your-Man missus. Perhaps because the story was so sad already, Weiner didn't feel the need to gild the angsty lily. It was good.

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