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I Love Him to Pieces by Evonne Tsang
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This is one of the better graphic novels I've read lately. Well drawn, good dialogue, decent plot - it feels much denser than it actually is, which is a good thing. It looks like a short story and I suppose technically it is, but there's so much happening, so much character and plot development that it feels satisfyingly longer than it really is. In fact, it's so good that I found only one flaw, but it's such a major, glaring flaw that it stripped off the fifth star I really wanted to give the book.

The first part of the story focuses on the two main characters, their different worlds/cliques they inhabit in their high-school, and their unlikely, but believable developing relationship. It's a burgeoning teen romance, innocent and sweet and so fluffy feel-good that I wanted moremoremore of it.

Then came the zombies. Don't get me wrong, the second half of the book was just as good. The main characters learning to adapt quickly to the disaster that quickly overtakes everything, working together, overcoming even possible infection to keep going and keep staying together. Their loyalty and affection is tested and proves steadfast, and again, so very believable. And the zombie virus itself is refreshingly original. Any hard-core fan of nature programs will recognize what's being used, but the way it's used is very novel in a zombie genre comprised mostly of viruses and/or the supernatural.

The problem, however, is just what I said, the book is two halves. A very distinct two halves that has nothing in the way of a smooth transition. It's jarring, abrupt, and comes out of literally nowhere. Of course we know the zombies will shamble on through eventually, that's obvious enough from the cover, but it's done very, very poorly. One panel we're in the high-school romance, the next it's blood n' guts time! It really doesn't work, and that was so disappointing.

Despite that, this was a fun read and I'd still recommend it. It says it's book one and I have high hopes for book two. Now that the zombies are here hopefully there won't be anymore rough transitions and the next book will flow swiftly to a five star rating.

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