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The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
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Mar 15, 2012

it was amazing

Stuart Patterson
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An idea that looked better than it tasted
Mark Twain is a person that can do what he loves in any way that involves some paper and a writing utensil. He was able to show everyone that he could write elegantly and pull it off in such a way that people thought that he had done this, his whole life.
When he was writing The Prince and the Pauper people were saying that he couldn’t write formal in any way shape or form, this book would prove them wrong. He was also able to give you such little details that no one could see unless you were really looking for them. This was a fabulous thing that he did because it give you such a better understanding of the time period and what the people were like and looked.
During the book there were two boys that had a dream, a dream that were totally different from each other in every way. The Prince for example want to be free, free from all of the standards and things that he was restricted to do because of his place or royalty. The pauper was a boy that lived in the poorest place possible in the area, all he wanted was to be taken care of and treated with the proper respect that he deserved. As you can tell they end up switching because each of their lives were the dream they wanted.
I thought that this concept was really good because it puts it in your head that each one would have the time of their life. This was something that you knew would change because without change there would be no happy ending. Mark Twain was able to make you believe this in such a way that it was amazing to me. It made me realize that you can’t go your whole life without change or you wouldn’t have a very good adventure.
To me the Pauper in the story reminded me of Mark Twain because he went for something that people never thought he could do because of his past and the Pauper did the same thing; this same thing was meeting the prince because in his mind the prince was the greatest person alive that he would do anything just to see up close.
What I really loved about this book was the fact that they added a hero. Now this hero was one that you would normally see in any other movie or book; this hero was one that didn’t what his name to be looked down, instead he just wanted to do well. In the regular story that has a hero he is usually saving people on a daily basis when this hero just did it because he felt that he should. I really liked this because it made you want to be like him, just a regular person that offers help when he sees and opportunity to give it but does it to make him feel like he is helping some one’s life.
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