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October by Gabrielle Lord
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Mar 15, 2012

liked it

Reading from the Conspiracy 365 series was a new experience and a breath of fresh air for me. It was not a style I was used to. Having not actually read the other books, I was reading it from an outsider’s perspective but I did not take long on the uptake. It was set in a diary format with various entries and the pages counted down, rather than up.
The sentences in the book were short and straightforward; they did not beat around the bush and they set a basic image in the mind. There were many suspenseful moments that were well written because of the up-front emotions and actions. The intensity of the scenes really can really come out at you in just a few sentences. I think this is because an atmosphere had already been set in earlier paragraphs and you don’t need to be reminded of that, so it only needs to describe the ‘here and now’ of the scene to really get the message across.
The characters were very strong and easy to imagine caricatures that displayed the prime attributes as to weave in perfectly with the plot line. The character of Callum Ormond himself was a strong willed young man with an active mind and a strong sense of justice. He was very spontaneous and in the moment but his experiences had also taught him to be wary of the past and future. These were very prominent attributes in the main character.
With the help of his loyal and extremely handy friends, Boges and Winter, all obstacles were overcome and the quest for the Ormond Singularity continues.
This and the rest of the Conspiracy 365 series prove to be enjoyable books for children because they are fast paced adventure/mystery novels, which caters the impatience of many children. It is about children much like themselves. There were many attributes in the characters that they (the audience) can relate to. This makes the magnificent differences (e.g. Boges is a tech genius whereas many children his age probably wouldn’t be) but it becomes easier to swallow. The diary format with all the different entries at different times add an extra degree of realism and believability to the book, which adds to the excitement as the reader is given cause to believe in the characters. The language used within the book is very easy to understand with use of short, concise sentences and henceforth the increasingly complicated plotlines become easy to understand. The use of language in the book was also very true to the target age group with its choice of vocabulary and wording. The range of elements used to compose the Conspiracy 365 series would attract a wider range of young readers. For example, the books allow for lots of action and adventures to be undertaken while a mystery is being solved and there are lots of thrills and emotions on high. This, as I said, would draw in a wider range of readers, from those reluctant to read to those that are avid readers already.
All these elements in the book made it appealing to myself and the target audience for these books.

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message 1: by Dr_Savage (new)

Dr_Savage Interesting review Chloe. I notice these books are very popular with Year 7 boys - I should give them a go!

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