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In Honor by Jessi Kirby
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Mar 15, 2012

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Read from May 12 to 16, 2012

Am I the only one who made the connection to the TV Show Supernatural? For starters, the author lets us know about these two inseparable friends that are like brothers who enjoy riding in the shiny black 1967 Chevy Impala that Finn worked so hard to put together, and I couldn’t help but associate them with Sam & Dean. And then around chapter nine, Rusty’s driving the car when he pumps up the radio volume and starts singing Wayward Son by Kansas… I know, right?

But moving on, since the similarities end here, and this book has nothing supernatural and it’s very much human. I was trying to put together some words to write a review when I realized that the reason I couldn’t was because I was speechless. Why? First, this is a beautiful book that deals with feelings of loss, grief and sadness as opposed to feelings of happiness and freedom, which is what these two main characters are looking for through the vast deserted roads, with a heat so unbearable that makes our hot (pun intended) Rusty take his clothes off and drive in his underwear, daring Honor (weird name, I know) who’s hesitant but determined to stand up against him and do the same… so, there they go, along the road, almost completely naked… you get the picture, right?

Along the way they live adventures and misadventures ---- watch the sun come up from the bottom of the Blue Hole, treacherous storms, amazing lakes, tequilla night ----, and during this time they find themselves, even though they’ve met all their lives. But there is always that connection between them, Honor’s brother Finn who died tragically in service and the reason they’re headed toward Kyra Kelly’s concert.

And here’s the second reason for why I’m speechless. So, second, because there was something missing in this journey of discovery. I think after a strong beginning, I felt a bit disappointed with the course of the narrative. I didn’t feel too close to the characters, even though I really enjoyed reading about them. I expected a little more expression from Rusty, I mean, I don’t think he ever stands out, more determination from Honor, and… I don’t know… more.

But there's no denying the beauty of the story. The ending was absolutely beautiful, stupid and funny at the same time. Beautiful way to release Finn, stupid moment between Rusty and Honor, because the guy is like a statue, a person tells him she loves him, and he just stands there, tomb like. Speak man! And it’s funny because that last moment alone only in the movies, where everything is wrapped up in a very incongruent but still beautiful way, leaving us with a silly smile on our faces, and going like, Awww, that’s so unbelievably sweet!

And now, let’s take a moment to admire this relic…


Who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with this beauty? And I mean both of them… this is what power of suggestion does, now I can’t stop picturing Dean in his underwear behind the wheel… resolution of the year, go on a road trip!
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Jess You're not alone on the Supernatural thing! It's one of the reasons I added this to my TBR list after reading the back-cover blurb...

Tânia That's great, if you're also a Supernatural fan, you can't miss the references! I hope you like it, it's a really good story ;)

Terri Ha, I caught the reference too. I called my husband and told him that they did not make a reference to WAYWARD SON before I got to that part in the book. I told him that I was disappointed that the first song that came on the radio was REO Speedwagon.

Alex I saw this immediately too! It took away the originality a little bit for more whether it was a coincidence or not, but apart from that I really enjoyed the rest of the book

Jess I'm starting it at last, and I'm looking forward to the story (references and all)!

Rachel Nope. You are not the only one.... Just the first mention of the impala made me think of SPN. But I brushed that of to side-effects of bein in the SPN fandom... But that part about wayward son made me go: oooohhh hell no. This is no coincidence......

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