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Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Mar 15, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal, horror, messed-up-plots, english
Read on March 15, 2012

Given by Nouda(Thanks man:))

There are distinct comparison from an emotionally-draining read to emotionally-tugging read. I think Infamous had pulled the latter best. This is a heartfelt read, even when you read crazy things like demons possessing people or crazy rich billionaire heir who worked as busboy.Yes, its in this one book that I claimed to be heartfelt. It is because it caught me at times when I least suspected. The vulnerable part of emotions being portrayed by the casts; Nick, and especially Cherise had left me with more awed with their unbreakable son and mother ties. I love that sneaky part that somehow played a huge role in this book, more prominent that the first two books in the series.

So, the story began with disaster struck the school ground again with darkest secrets being spilled and people started to accuse each other.Seriously, they should have bathed that ground with holy water or something. First cannibal zombies eating jocks, then football coach demon killer and now this? At this rate, I think the school should be close already. But enough about that, its Nick where we concerned here. So the annoying but kind teen boy Nick was, he was accused of doing all sorts of things that he didn`t do.It kind of fired him up to unleash his Malachai`s powers, but luckily we got Kody to kiss away his grief and dismal. So, yes. He got kissed a lot here, and beaten to death too..Like 3 times? Thus the worried mother. I swear that Nick`s mom got to be the best kickass mom ever written in history of mankind. She absolutely cherished (like her name) her boy. So everytime the kid took a beating, she was all sad like part of her was dead.

I think in this book, Nick had definitely evolved to become a mature mandork and Malachai. Although future still hold uncertainties for him, he was adamant on not repeating what Ambrose did in his past. In this book too, we learned more about the Demons, Gods, Malachai, and little about Kody the mysterious girl that Nick loved. I love the various characters here.Bubba`s mother was a good surprise. We got to see more of Acheron,Kyrian, Caleb, Adarian and even glimpse of goddess Artemis. So yeah, the casts were filled in this book.The writing were witty as usual, more than the second book I think, so yeah.Love that. But the ending I hate. Damn cliffhanger.WTH?!? Who was it..Kody? Jill? I had this feeling that told me Bryanna likes Nick. And Grim...Grotto. Thats a joke for those who`ve read Lemony Snicket`s. Anyway, done for this review..

A good read!Enjoy this one a bunch eventhough the mood was dampened by the realizations that I got tones of assignments to do and school is about to start yet...

Nuff said~

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Lord Nouda Glad to see you liked the book :)

CekMoNSter If if wasn`t for you, Idk when will I get to read this.I really likes this series.How yours? Finish yet?

Lord Nouda I finished it this afternoon, I'm still working on the review.

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