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I Hate You by Ilsa Madden-Mills
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did not like it

The ending ruined the entire book, save yourself the time

Seriously. I do not get it. This would have been a decent book. There were things that I didn’t love about the male main character, but I with the right ending I would have considered it a 3 or 4 star read at least. That is, if not for the epilogue. His big romantic speech (to win her back) about his faults and finally being able to say the “I love you” that she needed to hear was completely ruined by the epilogue. It doesn’t tell you what exactly they are doing or how long it has been, but it starts out sweet with him joking with her brothers. Then you start to realize it’s probably their wedding. He makes a seemingly adorable comment about them all being in suits and them thinking he’s nervous, but he isn’t because he’s it’s her. Aweeee, right? Nope because the next thing he says it’s that they’ve been living together for FIVE YEARS! Of course he isn’t nervous! He got to test drive marriage without the risk... But he didn’t wait to ask her because he had doubts or anything, he was reading HER signs... I’m like “really?”... That sounds like some bull that a commitment-phobe would spout, but whatever I guess. However, she lost me in the next revelation. He begins meandering about how great their relationship was. Then how she abandoned her internship in Nashville when he asked her to, because he wanted her to move across the country with him. Yep that’s right, she did it with no safety net for if things didn’t work out with him. Hmmm what possible sign could she have given him that she would be willing to marry him? Gee I don’t know, MAYBE giving up her dreams to follow him across the country at a moments notice so that he could follow his? Let’s be honest, long distance could have worked for the length of the internship. She obviously wanted to be in Nashville (or she would have made the decision herself to walk away from it). She could have flown to him on the weekends. He could have moved there for the offseason. But asking her to give it up to make his life easier was ok, because now she has a great job that she loves, right? Then he waits 5 FREAKING YEARS to ask her to marry him. HE had to have the safety net of being 1000% certain that she would say yes first, because Mommy and Daddy didn’t love him enough as a kid. Why would it matter if he had to ask her ten times (if it truly was her who wasn’t ready) before she said yes? That could have even been romantic in a way. But this crap is right up there with the d-bag guys who will spend years with a woman they know they don’t see themselves with long term, all the while saying “marriage is just a piece of paper, I don’t need that to prove my relationship is valid”. Right that’s why most of those couples break up, but go on to marry other people. I’ve seen it, I’m sure there’s even a statistic somewhere. Maybe this epilogue might have worked for a different character. But for the person that he was for a large part of the book, it truly ruined the book. It proved that the self absorbed, selfish a$$ that he was (every time it counted) for most of the book wasn’t just a defense mechanism. It’s just who he truly is. I thought this book was supposed to be romantic? It’s in that catogory but someone forgot to tell the author. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear it was written by a guy.
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P The general message is that everything he does is ok, because his parents didn’t love him...

Karen I gave up on book. She's had so many better ones.

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