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Pull by B.A. Binns
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Mar 14, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 14 to May 30, 2012

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03/14/2012 page 30
10.0% "i havent read very much of this book yet only for about 45 mins or so but from wat i can understand so far in this book is that a kid who is a senior is movin out of the house with his sister and goin to live with there aunt because there parents are just horrible"
03/16/2012 page 70
23.0% "the book has gotten a little bit more interesting because they have all changed there names so no one knows who they are. i read for about a total of 2 hours"
03/21/2012 page 70
23.0% "so far from wat i am getting from this book is that it is a kid that has a dad that has killed their mother and he is trying to figure life out with his little sister.. but wat i do not get yet is that for some reason he wont play basketball.. and the school he attends needs who ever they can get because the whole team before he came had gotten in a bus accident and the kid is 6'7" and is great at basketball"
03/23/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about 2 hours again and now he is thinking about playing basketball"
03/30/2012 page 70
23.0% "havent had much time to read this week but from wen i did get a chance i got a total of 2 hours and he still trying to decide if he wants to play or not"
04/05/2012 page 70
23.0% "1 and a half goin away in this book.. not to much has happened since but its still progressing into the book"
04/10/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about 35 mins and david saw that his sister was getting in trouble and he ran over to get her outta it then his sister starts kickin this guys butt but then david still came over and put the guy in a head lock for ahwile until the guy said it was enough and he let go and ran off with him and his buddies."
04/11/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour and a half and david is now working on a constuction site that he says seen since he was younger and he is now working there. and he works second shift and his boss really likes him"
04/18/2012 page 70
23.0% "david is now seriously considering to play basketball but only under one condition.. not sure wat that is yet tho.. read for about 1 and a half"
04/19/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour and davids sister gets him to agree to be her boyfriend so she can actually feel like she is a somebody.. the only way that they could do this is because they are in a different school so david agreed to it" 1 comment
04/20/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour.. book starting to get a wierd twist in it and cant wait to see wat is going to happen"
04/20/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour.. book starting to get a wierd twist in it and cant wait to see wat is going to happen"
04/20/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour.. book starting to get a wierd twist in it and cant wait to see wat is going to happen"
04/20/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour.. book starting to get a wierd twist in it and cant wait to see wat is going to happen"
04/20/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour.. book starting to get a wierd twist in it and cant wait to see wat is going to happen"
05/03/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour and a hakf since monday and my oover view would be that david is finally going to decide to play basketball work a night job take care of his sisters and still go to school.. i wonder if he is going to be able to doit all or not"
05/03/2012 page 70
23.0% "david wants to get with the girl thats name is"dare" but it is his sister rival. read for about half an hour and davids sisitr is looking foward to dating other people"
05/04/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about another hour and a half last night.. and its about wen david was having a conversation with his mother wen she was alive and y she had stayed with antwon even though he beat her everyday. also y she had gotten enough courage to finally relize he is not the right man for her and she takes david and barney and leaves antwon and then he starts harrassing her and that leads down to her death" 1 comment
05/11/2012 page 70
23.0% "didnt have much time to read pull but i had read for about 2 hours and he is pretty convinced that he will be playing basketball for the new school this year
05/14/2012 page 70
23.0% "davids sister barney had gotten a scarf from the girl he really likes yolanda aka dare. david wants her to return the scarf and never talk to her again because when they had first met she was extremly mean to barney and she now has no problem with it"
05/14/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour"
05/14/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for 25 mins. david goes to thefirst basketball game of the season and is in the stands because he does but doesnt want to paly so he is going to wait it out and see if he reall wnts to play or not"
05/16/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour. david walks up to the coach and tells him that they dont always only need to pass it to one guy and can spread it around the court for other guys to make the shots and he will consider to do that if he plays on the team and wants to teach the team what he knows about basketball and how it shoiuld work"
05/23/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour and half these last few days.. david after the game brought his sister home and then had went to maliks party and wen he got there everyone was pretty trashed and what not.. so david then went to the bathroom and then all of a sudden yolanda walks in and david isnt sure wat to do at that point" 1 comment
05/24/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about a hour or so.. david thinks he might join the team because he wants to show malik how to be a team player and not hog the ball the whole time he is out on the court because you need a whole team to win the game not just a guy that you rely on the do amazing or else you will lose every single game you play"
05/25/2012 page 70
23.0% "read for about an hour and a half last night and this morning and david went to this pick up game for basketball in the park and he showed his skills there and then even more people started to beg him to play for the school because thats how good david is and he learns about what yolanda does to freshman that want to be her friend and he wanted his sister to stay away from her because she doesnt want to get her hurt"
05/29/2012 page 210
68.0% "i have read a lot over the weekend and today on this book.. i read for a bout 3 hours and now david is on the basketball team and he is doing really good and he is now with the dare and things are lloking really good for david right now because the coach is going to get scouts for him for a scholarship..but now he is having troubles with his sister so he is tryin to fix that to and got less practice hours aswell"
05/29/2012 page 210
68.0% "read for about 30 mins and david is trying to work things out with everyone and find a job to support his family and still play basketball and school"
05/30/2012 page 310
100.0% "i read for another three hours last night and finished the book! in the end dcfs tried taking his family but wouldnt allow it but he almost had but then he dropped out of school got a full time constuction job and is supporting his two sisters to older ladies himself and his girlfreind yolanda.. if you ask me thats alot for a 18 year old to handle thats for sure! book ended kinda dumb wish there was another one to it" 1 comment
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