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really liked it

I’m a major fan of tattoos, so it's a given I found the Hero attractive from the beginning.

Tattoos wrap around his exposed forearms and trickle onto the top of three of his knuckles. Getting a closer look, I notice how anger infiltrates the black ink, contradicting the grin on his face.

I'm using this gif for shits and giggles, because the dude in the gif is not as sexy as Dare. LOL.

I seriously imagined his knuckles brushing over my cheeks along with other things.


Okay, enough about the tattoo’s or else I’ll drool throughout the entire review.


The heroine catches her boyfriend screwing another girl and leaves. She then meets Dare, the Hero.

Since I don’t know him from Adam and will never see him again, I have nothing to hide. “I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with another woman.”


Usually, conversations bore me, but their's didn't. Some of the discussions with the back characters did, but the conversations with the main characters I enjoyed.

I thought for a band member, Dare is sweet compared to the others I have read.

Did I lose the opportunity? That smile, her laugh, the way her nerves got the best of her at times. Her beauty left me tongue-tied. I’ve never been drawn to a woman more than I was to her.

Come to, mama, Dare. :)

The story gets steamy in chapter sixteen. It's slow-moving, and some felt like filler, but because it was connecting the characters, I continued reading.

The hot scene in chapter 16 is the first and the hottest in the entire forty chapters, and two epilogues. It's not really erotic, and further into the book, the details are cut short.

“God, no. You feel incredible.” So right. Overwhelmed, my eyes beg to close. “I want to stay like this forever.”


I'm a major fan of hotness. So, reading 'connection,' or 'sex' without details was disappointing.

Dare is in a band, and he financially struggles. He's not the rich, typical hero you read in romance, which is why I had fallen in love with Dare.

“I wanted to buy you breakfast. I just thought you should know that money’s not frivolous for me.” I notice how his eyes look around. He’s kind enough not to say anything regarding the apartment.

All and all, I enjoyed the book. There were certain parts I skimmed. I guess that's bound to happen considering its forty chapters, and the angst was low. While the angst was low, the sweetness, character building, and connection were at an all-time high.

This drama came in at the end, and everything broke loose.

The heroine's parents are controlling, but after her ex cheated on her, and she met Dare, she found strength through Dare.

The way Dare loved her, showed her, that the people in her life wasn't doing right by her.

There are a few other women, other men problems. Well, women were mentioned in Dare's past, but that's it. As I mentioned before, Dare isn't the average boy band member, and he doesn't cheat.

Even during their minor situation caused by the ex and family, he doesn't cheat.

Her ex is the problem in the end.

I don't know if the is cheating, so I'm adding it in as a spoiler.

(view spoiler)

Also, you have the slut best friend that caused some drama, but it mainly came in at the end.

What I loved was how Dare didn't cheat or abuse the heroine. I was able to fall in love with the Hero and not grow angry with him. I liked how even during the crazy drama at the end, their main focus was getting back together.

I didn't like the epilogues since there wasn't too much growth. I was hoping Dare would've been financially stable and able to match the heroine.

Also, I wished the epilogues would've dived deeper into their future, and I wish the steamy scenes were more detailed instead of the characters telling me they did the deed.

Other than that, I enjoyed it, and after reading so many flops, I appreciate the authors hard for actually creating a decent hero who deserved the heroine, and for writing a sugary love story, with sweet characters.

Dare was the perfect Hero.
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message 1: by Ana (new)

Ana Laura Crispim Thank You Lynn!! I'll read it!! Great review hon!!!!

Lynn Ana wrote: "Thank You Lynn!! I'll read it!! Great review hon!!!!"

I hope you enjoy it, Ana. :)

Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ Lovely review, Lynn! glad you enjoyed <3 x

Lynn Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ wrote: "Lovely review, Lynn! glad you enjoyed <3 x"

Thank you, Alex. I also hope you enjoy your next read. :)

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