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Out of Nowhere by Gerard Whelan
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Mar 13, 2012

really liked it

'Stephen was woken at some dead hour of the night by a dreadful sound - a long, singing howl that made his flesh creep and the hairs on the back of his neck stand erect.'

Summary in the back of the book:

When they wake up one morning in an old monastery, Stephen and Kirsten find that they have lost all memory of their past lives. Who are they and what has brought them here? Overnight, all traces of human life outside the monastery have disappeared. Houses stand empty, doors have been left open, villages deserted. But worst of all is the terrifying threat posed by the unseen, savage killers who leave bloodless corpses in their wake.

Even if Stephen and Kirsten could remember the events that led to this, it still wouldn't prepare them for what happens when the fix-it men arrive!

This book was pretty good as far as I am concerned. We are first introduced to Stephen as he realizes that he doesn't know who he is. He talks the abbot and asks what's happening but the abbot couldn't provide a decent explanation. The abbot did tell him of their situation: how they were cut off from the outside world, how everyone but them disappeared, and the other people who were found like Stephen.

I liked this part of their conversation:
'The reason I was pleased that you'd lost your memory, ' he said, 'can be explained by the very first words I said to you when I came in. Do you remember what they were?'
Stephen didn't have to think. 'Yes. You said: "You're sane".'
'Indeed. You're sane. So is our other amnesia victim. But those of our guests who seem to have memories, they, alas, are not sane. None of them. They are all hopelessly mad.'

Stephen eventually meets Kirsten, the other amnesia victim. They get along and they even join Brother Philip in a quest to get supplies in the villages. Stephen suspects that there's more to Brother Philip after he spies him carrying a shotgun. But that was quickly driven off from his mind when the three of them encounter strange things that makes Stephen question what he really is.

Meanwhile, in the outside world that they were cut off from, the Irish Minister is asking for help in finding out what the heck Reputation One is. Apparently, an area of Ireland was covered by a giant sphere that was penetrable. It was the very same area Stephen and the others were in. The mystery thickens...

I recall the tingling in my spine when I first read Out of Nowhere. It was full of suspense and I wanted to devour the whole thing in one sitting (which I did). I like how the author wrote this. It was slow and fast at the right bits. There was no dragging scenes. The characters were OK. The abbot was the nicest and calmest one - he certainly freak out when they were visited by the fix-it men. Brother Simon was pretty calm too; not as calm as the abbot but he managed to keep a level head. They're my favorites. I also like Stephen. He accepted what came to him and did his best to protect Kirsten. Then there the ending was completely unexpected. Okay sure, I suspected a bit of the truth, but most of it was surreal. I rather not spoil what happened so I'll stop here. Of course, I advise you don't reply on my opinion and read this yourself.

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