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Genesis by Kristie Cook
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Mar 13, 2012

it was amazing

Genesis is the prequel to Promise and the rest of the Soul Savers Series. This story starts with an angel watching over a women he has been told to protect at all costs, but when those costs turn out to be coming to earth, being seen and letting her drink his blood to save her life he is thrown out of heaven. On Earth he and the women love and have a set of twins, a son Jordan and a daughter Cassandra. Their story begins when on his death bed their father tells them what he is and why he is on earth, Jordan think that his father is a demon since he was thrown out of heaven and that is why they are so different from other humans and why they have always been forced to live off the land, something that has been making him angrier and angrier for years while Cassandra believes her father to be an angel and has been very happy with her life. Jordan decides to leave and find more demons to live with and be himself with, to rule. When his twin sister refuses to go with him and be something she is not, their lives go down hey different paths. Jordan goes to the Ancients ( Satan's lead men) and becomes a power hungry evil demon in every aspect of the word, Cassandra spends her life using her gift of healing to help anyone and anything that needs her. She falls in love gets married and has a daughter, Jordan has a son with a Deamoni's daughter and uses her for her powerful magic to become stronger and more powerful. His live is all about what he wants and his revenge on his sister for not following him. When he decided to trick her and her daughter into drinking a potion he believes she will be forced to follow him and be a Deamoni but she is pure goodness and love and gives her soul to God and is made an Amadis, she is told to make he angels army on earth and fight the Deamoni.
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