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Eternal Eden by Nicole  Williams
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Mar 13, 2012

it was ok

I like this book......correction......I LIKED this book up until they fell in love. Actually I take that back. It wasn't when they fell in love but when they started EXPRESSING their love for each other. I don't normally find the lovey dovey thing annoying but seriously. SERIOUSLY! How much could one person love another. How much can one person EXPRESS their love for another. At first I thought that being single and having two too many couple friends made me a little cynical but that's not it. I have read other love stories without getting tired of the love the two characters share for each other. But this one......this masterpiece right here? Yeah I wanted to just scratch my eyes out. Literally EVERY OTHER LINE has something to do with how his eyes were the undoing of her. How he lightly brushed her skin and she fainted. How he smiled at her and she felt like she will never love again. My personal favourite? How he STALKED HER and she felt like she couldn't have loved him anymore than she already did. BUT WAIT A SECOND she could and she tells you ALLLLL about it. What is her name anyway? It is drowned out by how much she loves William. Here's a senerio for you:
Fiction: Boy stalks girl. Girl loves boy BECAUSE he stalked her and preceeds to spend the rest of her life with said boy in happy stalker bliss.
REAL LIFE: Boy stalks girl. Girl calls the police. Gets restraining order. Questions boy's sanity. Maybe calls him at the institution where he is being held and asks why he was stalking her. They never get married. Somehow, one cannot get over the fact that they were being stalked. Girl goes on to marry someone SANE!
Ten guesses at to which one this girl picked. WHAT IS HER DAMN NAME?!?! I don't care enough to revisit the book to check.
Moving on............the first few pages tell you how this girl is REALLY ugly and when I say really ugly I mean REALLY REALLY ugly. These are not my words but HER words. She tells you all the time that no one pays attention to her even though like pretty much all the hot people in this book look at her. How she is unworthy of such godly looks as the ones William posesses. Despite the fact that every hot person in this book tells her how godly she looks. I mean talk about needing to be told your pretty! I'm lucky that I get a compliment like that once a month and I cherish those babies like they were indeed babies. Nothing like a compliment to brighten your dull dull day. This one however is showered with compliments and refuses to accept them. She needs a therapist. It isn't healthy the self loathing she has. If she refuses to get help she better look like an ogre because if she is the slightest bit pretty I will want to hurt her very bad. I need to stop hearing about how ugly she is. It makes me think I'm ugly and this is not my ugly day! RUINED IT FOR ME! UGH!
For all these bad qualities why did I give it two stars? It wasn't generosity. It was because for once, it was the guy that had most of the talent. YES PEOPLE! WILLIAM is the one with the multiple GREAT talents. And they won't let you forget it. He saves person after person. He heads his family. He is just the perfect guy. AND HE ISN'T THE MAIN CHARACTER! How out of character is that? (Pun intended) Sadly that is pretty much it for my likes. I wanted to like the way that it was written but I couldn't get over the whole I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING! YOU ARE MY LIFE! I DON'T SEE THE POINT IN LIVIVNG WITHOUT YOU! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! WHY LIVE WITHOUT YOU? I'll tell you why! to ease my pain. JEEZ I get it. you LOVE each other. Say it loud say it proud say it ONCE you love each other and get over it.
TWO STARS FOR YOU! Now I must nurse the migrain you created.
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message 1: by Ciara1973 (new) - added it

Ciara1973 I love your review. I'll read it (since it's on my kindle) when I have nothing else to read.

message 2: by Dalila (new) - added it

Dalila Eh....not bad

message 3: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Parker You just saved me from reading this book. I thank you.

message 4: by Jamie (new)

Jamie Parker You just saved me from reading this book. I thank you.

Sharithy (Artistic Myth) Well Damnnnnnn ....

message 6: by Juanita (new)

Juanita Robinson So I think I enjoyed reading your review more than I've enjoyed the last 4 books I've read. You're hilarious. You have a gift and you use it well!

Betty I should have read your review before I bought this book. Now I wanna scratch my eyes out...

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