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Moonstone by Marilee Brothers
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Mar 13, 2012

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Alfrieda Carlotta Emerson, better known as Allie, thinks she’s just having a really bad day when she falls off a ladder shortly before her fifteenth birthday and winds up in a bulls pen. But when the bull charges something strange happens, then her vision goes into this odd tunnel mode and suddenly the bull is running in reverse – Allie is alive when she shouldn’t be. Things only get weirder from there when a pot smoking hippie ghost shows up talking about prophecies. Allie wonders at first if she’s hallucinating, but her when her friend, a woman known as the witch, sees the mark on her head from her fall she informs Aliie that her third eye has awakened and give Allie an amulet, a moonstone with incredible power. Allie’s world turns upside down as she’s drawn into a war between good and evil, a war to take possession of the moonstone. Will Allie make it out of a battle she doesn’t understand with her life?

I debated on my rating for this book because it does become a really engrossing novel the further you progress into it, but considering the first few chapters I considered reading something else instead I couldn’t give it a four stars. The opening was just off-putting for me for a few reasons. The first of which was they attempts at what I consider to be crude humor. When Allie falls from a ladder she lands face first in a cow patty which while some people find stuff like this funny, I personally think it’s just gross. Some of today’s hot comedy literally makes me lose my lunch so I’m probably not in the majority when it comes to my opinion on humor like this. Then when we meet Allie’s guardian the pot smoking spirit Trilby I was even less impressed. I kept reading because the description on the book sounded so interesting that I thought this book just has to get better and I was right it did. The further we moved into the story the more engrossing that story became, the attempts at humor diminished and the magic intrigue and danger surrounded you letting you lose yourself in the story. The story is told in the first person from Allie’s point of view and she slowly draws you in to her very odd story. Allie’s already got a lot of issues before this starts, and this just adds more. The weird magical occurrences begin on page one but they don’t really get interesting until a few chapters in. While Brothers idea is similar to other popular young adult series now she gives it a whole new spin bringing in beings not already created. She doesn’t give you a new spin on witches, vampire, werewolves or angels, she creates beings all her own. Her characters are human with a something extra with purposes that are sort of explained but not fully. In the beginning Brothers gives a little too much explanation at once and people accept everything a little too easily, but the information thins out as the plot progresses so you’re left with a lot of questions at the end even though the story does include a full story arc. This book is definitely the start of what could potentially be a really great series. It does include a sort of romance between Allie and a former gangster named Junior but the plot is so secondary that you don’t really know what’s going on with them. They exchange a couple of kisses but claim to be only friends. Junior who’s previously been kind of just an acquaintance just sort of swoops in when Allie needs him most to be her white knight. I’m interested to see if things will move further between them in future stories or if they’ll remain friends. Allie has feeling for Junior and even thinks she’s in love with him, but that doesn’t promise a relationship to come. Every fourteen or fifteen year old girl at one point or another thinks they’re in love with a friend or acquaintance that they never actually end up becoming involved with.

The characters are fairly well developed, especially Allie, but a lot of what we know about them is told to us rather than shown. Junior comes across well through action and obviously we know Allie since this is a first person novel but I’m hoping future works will gives us a little more showing about the characters and a little less telling.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this book to readers who like young adult paranormal fiction. It is slow getting into it, but hanging on rewards readers with an excellent story.

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