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Zone One by Colson Whitehead
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Mar 12, 2012

did not like it

This book was recommended by the entire staff of a bookstore I stumbled into. I meant to download a sample, and instead I accidentally bought the book (thanks, 1-click!).

I am halfway through and thus far there is no forward-moving plot AT ALL. A zombie plague has devastated the world and this book takes place in New York during Reconstruction. This is what happens to boring people who happen to survive said apocalypse. And it's boring. As we follow a team of people sent to clear out straggling zombies from Manhattan, we are treated to flashbacks and reminisces that give us a peek at what happened to the world, but never much information at once, and a lot of the minor details are frustratingly conflicting. I could suspend enough disbelief to follow along if this was a YA novel, or if there was a gripping plot, but sadly this is not and there is none.

Few apocalypse books take this approach- the question of what happens after the immediate disaster has passed is an interesting one- but this particular novel really drops the ball. It is inconsistent, repetitive, tedious, and boring. What the book does have is eclectic and interesting vocabulary, which unfortunately seems out of place at times in the narrative.
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