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Where Your Treasure Lies by Joel Thimell
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it was amazing
Recommended for: Fans of Biblical fiction, adventure stories, and Christian fiction

For those who want to know the short of it, WHERE YOUR TREASURE LIES left me speechless. Very seldom do stories do that. It has adventure, humor, and humanity. Scripture is woven in without the book becoming a devotional disguised as a novel. I'm sure Biblical fiction fans will enjoy this.

For those who want to know my full thoughts, brace yourself. This is going to take a bit.

I read Mr. Thimell's first book, LONG ROAD OUT OF UR a couple years ago. So, I had expectations of what Lot would be like this time and what sort of trouble he'd be into now. I've been waiting excitedly to see how the author chose to portray the Biblical events in which Lot figures prominently. As well as key people in his family, particularly Lot's infamous wife. The last book was sort of a prequel to what is seen in Scripture. At the same time, I knew I needed to see Lot grow and change, both for him to be believable as the righteous man vexed by Sodom's evil (2 Peter 2:7) and as a character in a sequel. Characters have to grow and Lot does. We get more of the humorous, trickster/conman Lot from book 1 and see how that Lot could fit into the Bible's fabric. Though I knew book 1 was meticulously researched, what really caught my eye this time was how many things from book 1 that seemed like they were only relevant to that book's events actually have their pay day in this book. Some proved to be creative speculations on why Lot's story played out as it did.

What struck me most about this book was the tremendous shift in tone for Lot. In the previous book he was always out for himself, in this book his interests are divided. He has his own comfort and welfare at mind often enough, but more often than not his motivations are driven by his family, his past, and his desire to follow God. There is a rich complexity to his character and relatability to his struggle that comes through and heightens the tension and tragedy of it all. I liken it to that feeling I got seeing Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Knowing the heroic Anakin Skywalker was destined to become Darth Vader and that it had to be that way, but not being able to shut myself off from caring. And I did care very much about Lot by the end. I saw too many of my own fears and failings in him. Worse still, I was treated to see what little mistakes I make now could be reaped as later. Christians in western societies should have no difficulty empathizing with Lot's struggles and through that empathy, perhaps growing as Lot did. As adventurous and humorous as this story is WHERE YOUR TREASURE LIES is a very apt title for a book that does some deep soul searching through the eyes of one of the Bible's widest known but perhaps least understood people. I very much hope to see more books in the series to come.
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