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Shadowspell by Jenna Black
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Mar 12, 2012

Im not exactly sure why i continued to read this has to be my morbid sense of curiosity mixed with my inability to NOT finish a series because i honestly haven't liked this series from the begining. Redeeming qualities; I suppose the world created by Jenna Black is pretty fascinating, having Avalon set between faerie and the human world with is something different. Keane is on of the few characters i actually like in the story. He's essentially a total smartass but there are times when we get to see the more personable side of him, which i appreciate. The only other character i find myself being intrigued with is the Erlking. He seems to be the only other character with some kind of depth to him. Yes, for the most part he's a bad guy and he enjoys killing people and Yes, he's the leader of the wild hunt but it's obvious there's more to him. Now it's time for some of the things i didn't like. All of the characters (with the exception of the two i mentioned earlier) are AWFUL. Dara is annoying beyond belief in my opinion. The girl couldn't figure her way out of a plastic bag if her life depended on it(and this nothing to do with the horrible sense of direction she's always referring to) you were born with a brain girl...use it! i hate the fact that she takes forever to come to rational conclusions/decisions. Her falling for Ethan is ridiculous as well. I have yet to find one redeeming quality about him besides his bullheaded determination. The only time i've seen him be nice or charming is when he wants something from Dana. He's completely untrustworthy, he's lied and manipulated Dana, and each time he's gotten caught he apologizes...between him and Dana, if i read one more "im sorry" line im gunna go crazy. Yet, despite all of this he somehow gets first place in the love interest war for Dana..whatever. Dana's father is pretty okay considering he's Fae. Dana's mother on the other hand....dont even get me started, pathetic. Kimber, not a horrible secondary character. Overall, the story itself isn't half bad which is why i was able to continue through to the end. Oh, and before i forget, am i the only one who thought all of the guys being all over her and the sex stuff was a little weird considering she was only...what? 16? i believe, maybe it was just me though...

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