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Buried by Linda Joy Singleton
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Mar 12, 2012

really liked it
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Read on March 08, 2012


Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery by Linda Joy Singleton was a great addition to The Seer series, Thorn gets her own book to herself and its high time she did! As a fan of all things written by Ms. Singleton, The Seer series is no exception. Thorn aka Beth Ann is the ultimate Goth Chick but there’s more to her than appearances! This girl has mad skillz as a finder!

Thorn isn’t your ordinary Goth girl that you read about in some books, you know the type: angsty, defiant, smokes, drinks, tattoo’s a-go-go… Thorn is actually a reverends daughter who really loves her family, does well at school but wants to express herself through her choice of clothing, make-up, etc… She’s a character that quickly endeared herself to me. She’s spunky and completely aware of herself; I admire this as I’m sure many others will, too! In addition, Thorn is a Finder, meaning she ‘finds’ things that are lost.

In Buried: A Goth Girl Mystery, Thorn faces a mystery all while she and BFF Rune are trying to dodge friend Amelia whose persistence in trying to get them to join the Talent Show rivals that of a dog with a meaty bone. Whilst dodging Amelia, Thorn finds a locket with black hair in it and thus the mystery starts! Dead baby bones, ‘The Grin Reaper’, the Sheriffs suspicious looks and questions, threats to her family, the dreaded talent show-which may or may not play a big part in this story but that’s all I’ll say bout’ that! Let’s just say that poor Thorn gets a bit more then she bargained for upon finding that locket but that locket could just be the key---then again, maybe not! I suppose you’ll just have to read this paranormal thriller/mystery to find out all the gory details!

As always, I am never disappointed in anything that Ms. Singleton pens! Her characters are richly described and I always enjoy the sense of humor she manages to fit in. The school setting is all to realistic but of course we have to make time for Thorn to go on some chilling escapades. Ms. Singleton has a wonderful knack of keeping me (and I would guess any reader!) glued to the pages she writes, she’s just that good at delivering an amazing storyline Captivating the reader with thrills and chills, an uncanny skill at keeping the plot going at just the right pace and a completely satisfying ending to boot!


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