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Teach Me by Cassandra Dean
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really liked it

This is probably one of the best stories that I've read of late.

Teach Me follows the evolving relationship between a student and her teacher. The student, Elizabeth, is a widow in her late twenties, who has been referred by a madam to James, Earl of Malvern. She wishes to further her education on carnal pleasure. After an initial meeting at a brothel, they begin meeting in secret at his home several evenings a week. The lessons quickly progress into a physical affair, which is no surprise to the reader, of course.

Elizabeth is cursed with something a woman of that era should never have: curiosity. Her whole life, she has wanted to know "how" or "why," and that curiosity extends to the bedroom. She had always felt that there was more to it, more things to experience, but unfortunately for her, her late husband was a product of the times. Elizabeth is little more than an innocent, despite being married for a number of years before being widowed. The one time she asked her husband for fully-naked sex in a barely lit room, he balked. Her older sisters refuse to talk to her about how their own sexual experiences, so she sets out to find out for herself. After she meets James, she still wants to know about sex, but now she's determined to break the cold and unfeeling façade he presents to the world. Every so often, when she pushes just right, she can see the cracks.

James presents the picture of the bored, jaded degenerate to the world. You name it, he's more than likely done it at least twice. The madam offers him Elizabeth (and her desire for lessons) as an amusing diversion which he accepts. His lessons start as lectures and quickly progress to physical "demonstrations." Over the weeks of "tutoring," he finds himself caring for Elizabeth and missing her when she's not there, which is a very unnerving prospect. After a particularly emotional encounter, James realizes that he has made love to her, and he doesn't like the unfamiliar feelings it leaves him. In a panic, he uses their next meeting as a means to permanently distance himself from her, a way to make her choose to leave on her own. His plan works, leaving the two parted from each other and heart-broken.

After a significant amount of time, James realizes that he was an incredible ass and goes after his woman. After a teeny bit of groveling (which really isn't groveling), Elizabeth takes him back and the two are engaged. There's a particularly steamy epilogue to let the readers know that the couple is happy several years down the road, and Elizabeth now has no problem reading James and can easily see when she's getting to her man.

I can't really explain why it is that I love this story. This is a scenario that I've read in a few other erotic romances over the years, but I think that this is one is going to be my favorite. It may be because there were a number of moments where James reminded me of Jordan from Something Wonderful, which is one of my favorite romances of all time and one of the very first I ever read.

Since I'm writing this review, I must mention that the intimate scenes are incredibly steamy and worth re-reading when the mood strikes.

I totally recommend this book for readers of historical erotic romance.


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