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Her Sweetest Downfall by Rebecca  Hamilton
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(Review of an ARC )

This would be my first time receiving an ARC, and I was beyond excited. A fan of The Forever Girl since I first read it last Feb, like any other fan of any awesome book series.. I was just waiting for the next. Thanks to the novella - I'll survive the wait till the next in the series is out.

It's short and you will be able to finish it in one sitting. In book #1, when you meet this mysterious woman Ophelia who helps Sophia, you begin to have this strong urge to know more about her- who is this stranger who comes and help Sophia at the near end, what’s her story? And why did she help Sophia?, and grabbing 'Her Sweetest Downfall' is a perfect way to know this lady.
The story begins with Ophelia, an ordinary girl working for Lady Karina and then as if discovering the ouroboros mark wasn’t something to be worried about, she gets kidnapped by a stranger while on her way to deliver a letter for Lady Karina. The stranger introduces himself as Ethan, a man who would tell her she is no ordinary and what that serpent mark on her really means and what her mission should be, little did he know that his bound SO strong towards his duty would come in conflict with the matter of his heart. I loved how he is strongly determined on his duty/mission and not letting love come in between. So is Ophelia once her mind is set. Aww.. I don’t wanna say more and spoil the fun for other readers. Just GO, grab it !!

Her Sweetest Downfall takes you to another side of the world of The Forever Girl… here you get to learn more of the dual-breeds. It was a pleasure to meet Lenore and Queen Callista again…. I could never get enough of them. That’s the thing about Rebecca’s writing- you fall in love with EVERY character. Learning more about the world of the elementals through the eyes of Ophelia, and how each dual-bred has to be what they are, was so fun. I absolutely enjoyed reading Her Sweetest Downfall, it just kept me wanting for more, how I wish it was a full-length one instead of a novella.

And yes, just like the other reviewers mention, if you want to have a glimpse of the world of The Forever Girl and still not ready for a full-length novel, this novella is just the right one for you.

All I can say right now is – I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT and marking the dates on my calendar.
(Note: It is true that I own an ARC, but it doesn’t affect my review in any ways. The thoughts are my own)

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06/20/2012 "Just started it (an ARC)... I can very much say that kid sis is SO not getting my laptop for movies today. :D"

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