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A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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I spent a large part of today reading this book, outside, during one of the first summer days of the year. Madness, when you think about it, as it's still supposed to be winter. But then the heat fits with the theme of Mars, I suppose.

I had seen the movie before I read the book, and though they changed some things in the story for the movie, I actually liked the original as well. It had less humor, but it made up for it in excitement, at least I thought so. Yes, the science seems sloppy and the characters seem too perfect, but all the same the book was a page-turner and I quite enjoyed it. There are worse ways to spend your days.

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Michael Hall I was lucky enough to read the Barsoom books when I was a child. That way I had no concerns about prose, literary quality, or "sloppy science". That's the thing that modern readers forget about pulp or dime novels, they were meant as quick and light action and adventure based reading materials for young people who would be reading comics and/or manga nowadays. I haven't read them in a long time, but our book club is supposed to be reading it... soon I'll be reliving the adventure. A friend of mine made me jealous describing the movie, he saw it in IMAX 3D, so I'll be seeing it soon as well.

Sandra I'm not sure if I would have liked the books as a child, my tastes have changed quite a bit since then and I think I wouldn't have picked it up. But it is quick and light action, and still very enjoyable today, it's just amusing to me that radium is used for everything extraordinary on Barsoom when I know the reality is a bit different.. but then I suppose they may not have known that in 1912. Also I had no problems with the prose? I thought it was very excitedly written.

The movie is quite good! I saw it in 3D with 2 friends here and all three of us really enjoyed it. Maybe it's a bit cliché at times but it is a fun action movie and we laughed a lot. I hope you will like the movie too!

Michael Hall Heheh, yeah you'll see that with a lot with golden age and some silver age science fiction. Whatever the most recently discovered element that the author has heard of, that is the new miracle and wonder atom of science and technology! I guess what I meant by prose is that I never really considered ERB a very good writer, he was entertaining but light, although at times he could switch gears and write some very high octane fiction.

Sandra So I've gathered from the Goodreads reviews :'D I find it quite amusing.

Ah, true, in that case. He did not write the most highstanding literature for this book, but it was enjoyable, and I think that was mostly the purpose here, so I'ds ay he's succeeded in his goal?

Michael Hall Oh yes, definitely a successful and storytelling experience!

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