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Wings of Fire by Caris Roane
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Mar 10, 2012

it was amazing

Guardians of Ascension: The war continues with the eccentric Madame Endelle’s Warriors of the Blood and the corrupted evil Commander Greaves. Imagine if you will: Eight very large warriors in leather kilts. Now add beautiful wings. They are not angels, but vampires, whose mission is to keep the soulless death vampires from entering mortal earth. Place those warriors in multi-dimensional worlds, the higher the dimension, the stronger the powers. This particular series takes place on Mortal Earth and Second Earth with occasional glimpses of the upper dimensional worlds coming into play at crucial times. The breh-hedden is a legendary phenomenon that emits pheromones that bind a male to female as mates, albeit against their will, and is only recognized by the other through the sense of smell of a particular individual scent.

So for all you J. R. Ward and Lara Adrian fans…. Dig in.. you are in for a great ride!

“Wings of Fire” is the third chapter in the series, Guardians of Ascension.

Parisa Lovejoy was introduced in the previous novel, Burning Skies, as a rare mortal not yet ascended with wings and voyeur capabilities. She was abducted by Rith, a powerfully deranged loyal servant to Commander Reaves while under the watch of her guardian and breh, Antony Medichi.
This story begins with Parisa missing for three months now and Antony searching tirelessly day and night for clues to where she may be. He knows she is still alive because she, as a voyeur, has visited Antony every morning whispering his name. Trying unsuccessfully to communicate her whereabouts telepathically she feels helpless and alone. When she encounters a mysterious woman begging for help and then voyeurs her, she discovers the horrific truth of what Rith is doing secretly in the basement below. The basement is a site for blood slaves and not only does it reveal how dying blood is obtained for the Death Vampires, it also introduces the mysterious female as Fiona, a partially ascended mortal who has been undergoing torture for more than a century but has managed to survive. Through a new found inner resolve and strength she successfully reaches out to Antony to save them all.

Antony is dreadfully scarred both physically and mentally from previous events before his ascension and his attraction to Parisa is handicapped only because both are reluctant to allow the other into their tightly guarded hearts. Through trials and tribulations they finally come together in an explosive revelation to win the battle that turns the tide in the war against Commander Reaves.
There is a very nice surprise for Fiona at the end of this chapter. (It was “tissue” time at my house when I got to that part of the book.)

Caris Roane never fails to deliver; I found Wings of Fire edgy, erotic and in places, hilarious. It is my favorite book in the series so far. Parisa is strong and easy to like, Antony is described as one of the largest of the warriors and is a favorite of mine in the Warriors of the Blood. The secondary characters are still very much a part of each story.

I love the brotherhood theme, the twists and turns, the descriptive way in the creative accounting of the strong characters and their purpose in parallel worlds. I also love the way series is presented as an ongoing ‘saga’ and how each book does an excellent job in setting up the next story. Most of all, I truly love the all powerful Endelle, the “Supreme High Administrator of All Second Earth”. She is accurately described as a PETA nightmare, wearing the most ridiculous ensembles from some kind of animal. She can out “cuss” a sailor, she’s saucy, crass and she speaks her mind whenever, to whom ever and however she sees fit.

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