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Delirium by Lauren Oliver
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Mar 10, 2012

liked it

Delirium is a state of confusion that develops quickly and normally itensifies...I have to say that at first I was disappointed with how the story began but then the author cleverly references to propaganda which the government in the story has citizens memorize so I decided to stick it out and continue to read. The author went for a different kind of Dystopian society although the storyline sounded quite familiar at first. Love is a disease and void in this future world and once you get your "procedure" done at the age of eighteen then you are "saved" from violence, pain, any other emotion that love breeds. Like some of the other Dystopian novels I have read recently the future governments find a way to control the masses this time through fear that love is a disease and those infected or those who sympathize die or suffer living in the Crypts (jail). The characters were quite dull at first and then slowly developed into something to care about, by the end of the novel I was biting my nails. I liked that the author took the time and imagination to come up with all the propaganda, I thought that was a nice detail to the book. I plan on reading the next book and I have to say I wish I could give it 3.5 stars because this book deserves that rating.

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Brooke (The Cover Contessa) I liked this book. Gave it 3 stars. Wasn't the best dystopian I have read but it was fun and quick. I enjoyed Pandemonium more.

Gabriela I just ordered Pandemonium from the library :)

Brooke (The Cover Contessa) Oh, enjoy. There are mixed reviews of it. I really liked it, some people hated it. I thought it was much better than the first one, moved a bit faster for me. I actually own it, and I never buy books!!!!

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