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Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
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Mar 09, 2012

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** spoiler alert **
Stephanie, I am impressed. After reading Anna and the French Kiss, I was mad and frustrated, but this companion book to French kiss is a whole lot better!

I fell quickly for Cricket. He is the reason why I gave this book four stars. And although I really liked this book, I couldn't give it five stars. Lola and Max were the reason this book stayed in the it's-good-but-not-five-star-quality.

And the biggest problem I had with this book was that the book was actually really similar, if not exactly the same as the previous one. Firstly, Lola has a boyfriend, Max. And she's battling her feeling for her childhood crush, Cricket.

And once again were given the same plotline as Anna.

The I-like-you-but-I-have-a-boyfriend/girlfriend problem. And Stephanie knows exactly how to write these stories. But I felt it got too repetitive.

I'll show you.

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna moves to Paris, and meets the cute/charming St. Clair.

Anna makes friends with a group of friends.

Anna becomes great friends with St. Clair. They tease each other, and they have chemistry with one another.

Anna and St. Clair's attraction grows.

Anna wants to be with St. Clair but he has a girlfriend, which causes A LOT OF DRAMA AND TENSION BETWEEN THEM.

Anna really likes St. Clair. She pins after him throughout the entire novel.

Drama. More Drama.

St. Clair breaks up with Ellie. And asks Anna out.

St. Clair tells her, that his been in love with her since he met her.

They kiss.

Lola and the Boy Next Door

Lola lives with her two gay fathers, and has a friend named Lindsay.

Cricket moves back into town with her twin sister.

Cricket and Lola hit it off. They become great friends. They tease each other, and they have chemistry with one another.

Lola and Cricket's attraction grows.

Cricket wants to be with Lola but she has a boyfriend, which CAUSES A LOT OF DRAMA AND TENSION BETWEEN THEM.

Drama. More drama.

Lola breaks up with Max. And waits a bit, then process to go to Cricket.

Cricket tells Lola, he's been in love with her since he first knew her.

They kiss.

You can tell the alarming similarities. I just felt that the roles in these two books were reversed, Anna becomes Cricket. And Lola becomes St. Clair.

But I can say with absolute certainty, Cricket was 100,000,000 better than St. Clair! He made him pale in comparison!

My reactions to both characters.

Cricket reaction:

blush gif Pictures, Images and Photos

St. Clair reaction:

annoyed gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Since the beginning I loathe St. Clair, something about him just tick me off. Maybe it his "perfect messy artistic hair", or his cocky attitude. I just didn't like him at all.

Maybe it's because I prefer guys like Cricket. But I just swoon over him, and although he does become a bit desperate in his love for Lola. I liked him, a lot. He was my favorite character in the book.

Lola Nolan

I didn't like her, just something about her didn't connect with me. I liked that she wanted to be different, unique and she had her own sense of style. I liked that she was confident, and that she loved herself. Kudos for her!

The things I didn't like were the paragraphs upon paragraphs of clothing details, Stephanie would write to describe Lola. It was on every page, on everyone one of her appearances. We had to know what she was wearing, what color was her wig, etc. It got tiring at that point.

Then I felt throughout the majority of the book Lola was using Cricket. Now at the same time, Cricket volunteered as well, so I really can't judge her. I know how it feels to have someone like you that much, but in my case, I have absolutely no romantic feelings for him.

Moving on, I really really loved the relationship Lola had with her parents, both her adopted and real parents. I really liked that. I actually really liked Norah too. She changed into a better person, and I loved that.

As for her relationship with Max.

I have to say this about Max.

asshole Pictures, Images and Photos

I wouldn't be smiling, but still. He was asshole, pure and simple. He insults Lola's best friend, then makes fun of Cricket. I didn't him at all.

But I did feel that the when Lola and Max broke up, it was only because she had to be with Cricket. It was like Stephanie had to come up with a quick scene to break them up, so Lola could be with Cricket at the end. So I felt that although, Max was an asshole, Stephanie just wanted him out of the picture immediately, so the main couple could be together and in return, she had to make him a bigger asshole.

That was probably one of my main dislikes in this book.

Other than that, this book was extremely fun to read. And Stephanie writes actually quite good for present tense, but overall, Lola character and Max didn't cut it for me.

I am actually really excited to read the next book in this trilogy.

Four Stars


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