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Between the Lines by Tammara Webber
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Mar 09, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: young-adult

I really enjoyed this book, which is refreshing after the last few uninspiring books I've read.

The Setting ~ It's a very original concept of setting the story on-location on a set of a movie. I haven't read that one before. Granted, as in most YA novels, it provides an easy excuse for the lack of parental supervision, but that sort of comes with the territory. I don't know how much research went into the accuracy of the setting, but I didn't really care, since I wouldn't be able to tell anyway.

The Characters ~ Reid is just about what you might expect from a Hollywood teen heartthrob. He's shallow when you expect him to be shallow, but he kind of grows on you (and sometimes under your skin) as the story progresses. I easily went from feeling for him to really hating him many times. Emma is a character I can relate to - though not, clearly, in the teenage-actress-about-to-be-starring-opposite-a-teen-heartthrob kind of way. She is believable as the girl who just wants to have a normal life. Graham is just about perfect, and I love that details about him are dolled out bit by bit throughout the story.

The Story ~ I came into this knowing it was a teenage romance, and that's what I got. There was no supernatural aspect or a major crisis that needed fixing. It was just a love story. And it was a good love story. **MINI SPOILER** I was happy to see that Ms. Webber didn't go for the expected ending by having the two narrators end up together. They weren't a good match - at least not at Reid's current maturity level - and it wouldn't have been believable. It also left the ending wide open for a follow-up. **SPOILER OVER**

The Writing ~ Other than a few past/present tense issues, the writing was pretty good. Things weren't overly explained so that they detracted from the story, so it flowed really well.

The Prognosis ~ I'll definitely be getting the sequel.

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