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Brink of Eternity by Caris Roane
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Mar 09, 2012

really liked it
Read in November, 2011

As with all novellas this story was too short but Caris Roane managed to keep it believable, well as believable as a book about humans who ascend to Second Earth and become Vampires with additional powers can be. But it flows well if not into the direct storyline than at least as an interesting vignette of the earth and what is going on around the war.

Gideon is a Militia Warrior, close to becoming a Warrior of the Blood he has the strength and the power but not the desire. He wants to serve along side his brethren in battle, in the trenches not the Warrior elite. As a militia member, in theory he should not be able to form the breh-hedden, he should not have a long term relationship with a human either but of course what do rules matter when Destiny claims otherwise?

Elise, a mere human had been in a two year relationship with Gideon. He thought he wiped her memory after each meeting, she never bothered to tell him otherwise. Until one day she had a vision about Gideon's beloved sister being in danger. Contacting Gideon they had to work together to save his sister.

Along with his fellow militia they work together to save Gideon's sister and to escape the plans that Commander Greaves has for them. Their path to love is a bit easier because they had managed a semi relationship in the past but it too has it's bumps. Foremost was the problem that maybe they weren't supposed to have the breh-hedden, would they damage themselves if they went through with it? Would they best serve Second Earth if they didn't? Like I said this was a nice story and an excellent novella. Although, I seriously wish my favorite authors wouldn't write novellas they are never long enough and I always feel less than full.


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