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Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett
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Mar 09, 2012

it was amazing

Death takes a holiday!

This is Terry Pratchett in fine form as usual. Death goes missing (well, kind of) and The Discworld is left to cope without him there to collect the dead.

Basically we follow Windle Poons as he approaches death and how he copes with his afterlife and near death (or not very near death as the case may be) experience.

We get to learn more about the undead (or the differently alive as Terry puts it) and we also get to see how Death comes to terms with being told he himself is going to die and be replaced by a new Death who is rather less user friendly than the Death we have come to know and love.

With nothing dying theres lots of life pouring into the Discworld & it has to go somewhere. Swear words come to life, Snowglobes develop a lifecycle which eventually becomes a Shopping Mall.

The book is one of the stranger ones, it has lots of funny moments as well though. It's a book with an good if somewhat unusal resolution but it certainly keeps you turning the pages as you always want to know whats coming around the next corner

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