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Conduit by K.F. Bradshaw
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Minor spoilers to follow: One of the reasons I adore trilogies is that you get to see an evolution of plot, characters, and often the author themselves. The first book establishes setting, stakes, and the players giving the second book a chance to really delve into the complexities. All of this is true about the second book in the Enchanters trilogy and, while I spoke highly of the initial installment, my enjoyment of it paled in comparison to the experience of reading Conduit.

Less time is devoted to a major quest narrative, although the crisis hinted at in the book's summary is no less present. It merely takes a backseat to what I consider the heart of any excellent story: character interactions. There's a maturity to how the main players interact in Conduit that illustrates the growth they've undergone after the events of Enchanters - one that realistically reflects each's struggle with internal motivations and outward expectations. Given the complications in Cassie and Andrea's relationship which persisted right up to the end of book 1, I found myself both relieved and impressed by how each handled themselves as well as their relationship. You could tell that, despite their inherent natures and reservations, they cared deeply for each other and were trying to be better partners.

Another way Conduit delves deeper into the framework of its heroines is through the exploration of their families and their feelings towards them. There are some major revelations in the book, bringing enormous conflict but also fulfilling resolutions. Some of my favourite scenes are those that involve Andrea reuniting with her parents and I cannot speak highly enough of the talent K. F. Bradshaw displays handling these intense emotional moments. The book is paced excellently and the present of less 'actiony' scenes doesn't negatively impact the story's flow. In fact, I'd say their presence vastly enhances those events since I found myself far more invested - literally holding my breath because I was so engrossed and concerned with how conflicts would unfold.

The ending is Devastating. Brilliant, and extremely well executed - throwing you into a whirlwind of intense feelings and a desperate desire to see what happens next. Considering the way Enchanters has expanded upon the fascinating backdrop and intriguing characters of its world I am waiting most impatiently for the promised final installment. Given the trajectory of what I've seen so far, I have zero doubt that it will achieve even greater heights than this one.

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