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The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead
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it was amazing
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Five blood freezing, rage boiler, pump squeezer, creator of several lumps on your throat, tear jerker, wake up call for all the injustice, unacceptable, unfair wrongdoings of the system stars!

As soon as I closed the book, I just sat for at least two hours, paralyzed, did nothing, lost, confused, agitated, speechless, deeply, wholeheartedly, painfully sorry for the characters and all the suffering they had to endure. The worst thing is I didn’t read a fiction, I definitely read something based on true stories.

When you’re surrounded by your own choices which make you feel safe and careless and stick to your daily routine, reach out to your own comfort zone,you always tend to forget what happens at the outside! This book makes you remember it with a harsh, vulgar, ugly slap on your face! It makes you remember, outrageous, darkest shameful era of American history.

It starts with Elwood’s story who is smart, who likes comic books so much, who is hard-worker and who has bright future by starting his college education. But everything changed as soon as he found himself a stolen car and accused wrongly as a thief, was sent to Nickel Academy, segregated juvenile, full of racism, torture, abuse, brutality.

Elwood seems like a naïve who still thinks he could fight against injustice, corruption, repression in the school. As soon as he meets with cynical, smart, practical Turner who finds his partner in crime to survive in this jungle.

You can find the great balance and mash-up of many produced, perfect stories of injustice in this book starting from “Kill a Mockingbird”, “Fruitvale Station”, “ Do the right thing”, “When They See Us”, “Shawshank Redemption”.

If you could survive after reading brutal, aggressive, raw, raging things that the characters endured and fought against by sharpening their survival skills and have a good stomach to absorb the details you’re gonna read because there are so many truths hidden inside between the lines, this book is great way to face the other side of frightening human history that encourages you do something by raising your voice and stop acting like three wise monkeys by opening your eyes!

The ending was another surprise and gut wrenching twist knocks you out!

I wanted to finish my review with the remarkable words of Martin Luther King Jr’s quote:
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”

Sigh… Sigh…Sigh… I think I will continue to sit, speechless, lost, shaken, angsty, sad…I need more time to absorb what I’ve just read!
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message 1: by Ramona (new)

Ramona Wow! What a review ! Not sure whether I should rush out and get it or avoid it like the plague - I’m wondering if I have the stomach for it! But your review is amazing and has definitely put this book on my radar.

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Ramona😊It’s really harsh and disturbing book to my standards but it’s poignantly, honestly written and captivated my heart😊

message 3: by Dianne (new) - added it

Dianne Powerful review, Nilufer. I love books that shake me to my core! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Dianne😊It’s a great choice and I’m sure you’ll also love this one😊

message 5: by Felicia (new)

Felicia Fabulous review! 💖

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Felicia ❤️💜

message 7: by Ceecee (new) - added it

Ceecee Wow. Fantastic doesn’t quite do this justice. Going to HAVE to read this book. 🤗

Nilufer Ozmekik I hope you love it, too, Ceecee, it was one of the most challenging one that I’ve read but it is still an amazing read!😊

message 9: by Kevin (new) - added it

Kevin Ansbro I'm hearing good things, Nilufer, and your intelligent review has sealed the deal. I'm adding it!

message 10: by Tahera (new)

Tahera Wow a very very Powerful review Nilufer!!

Nilufer Ozmekik That’s amazingly sweet of you Kevin, I hope you enjoy this one😊

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you s much Tahera😊❤️💜

message 13: by Dan (new)

Dan Lutts Fantastic review, Nilufer!

Roxanne Meek Just ordered this one. Hopefully reading it next. Great review!

message 15: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Wonderful review Nilufer! I'm reading this one next!

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Nicola ❤️💜

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Dan😊

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Roxanne, I hope you enjoy it,too😊

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Lisa😊Looking forward to read your comments 😊

Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ Terrific review, Nilufer! Glad it was a winner :)

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Alex, it’s definitely a big winner😊

message 22: by leslie hamod (new) - added it

leslie hamod Wow. Powerful review dear Nulifer. Beata suggested I wait to read it because I get upset and nervous. Now I am thinking she is a very thoughtful friend and confidante that she knows me quite well!😘

message 23: by JanB (new) - added it

JanB I just finished it and feel the same. Powerful review of a powerful book!

Nilufer Ozmekik I couldn’t agree more JanB; one of the most powerful books of this year😊

message 25: by sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

sue I so agree!

Nilufer Ozmekik Thanks Sue😊

message 27: by Somia (new) - added it

Somia Fabulous review

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Somia😊

message 29: by Antoinette (new)

Antoinette Wow tremendous review.

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Antoinette😊

message 31: by Kat (new)

Kat Valentine Excellent review Nilufer!!💋😉💗👍💖

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Kat ❤️💜

Brandice Wonderful review! I did not see the ending of this story coming either. A powerful read for sure!

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Brandie, I’m happy that you enjoyed it,too😊

message 35: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel Great review!

Claudia Trexler I just posted your review for my FB friends yo read! I agree 100% with you! Great great great review! I loved this book — not for what happens but for the truth and the way it turns out can knock your sucks off! 🙀

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Claudia. This book really shocked me to the core. It was brilliantly, wholeheartedly and honestly written. So happy that you enjoy it :)

Chris Tesch I wish I was as eloquent as you but your review hit the nail on the head. To read about this period of segregation is one thing. To experience it as if it happened to you completely another. To think of being denied the right of entering a restaurant or an amusement park, to always have the left overs, what’s not good enough for others spurned an indignation in me that I haven’t felt for a long time. My hat goes off to those people, regardless of race, that fought against it. My hat also goes off to you who managed to capture the spirit so well with your review.

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Chris, your comment made my emotions all over the place as much as this book did to me.😊

message 40: by Renégade ♥ (new)

Renégade ♥ I wanted to finish my review with the remarkable words of Martin Luther King Jr’s quote:
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”

Such a great quote...

Great review, Nilufer 🙂

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you Renegade😊I agree it’s so emotional, inspirational quote!👏🏻

Mamey I LOOOVED your review of this book. I too sat for a long while after I finished the last sentence.

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Mamey! This book was really something memorable and its words will stay imprinted to your heart and soul😊

Nancy Just finished reading The Nickel Boys and totally understand your reaction. I am numb from pain in my soul. I would not have been able to continue reading through one atrocity after another if it weren’t for Mr. Whitehead’s amazingly beautiful prose.

Be sure to read his acknowledgements before closing this book. Good chance it will draw you to research the Dozier School for Boys in FL on which novel is based.

Someday after this age of the Trump Administration, will someone write a story about the atrocities currently being committed to the immigrant children being separated from their parents as I write this?

Nilufer Ozmekik So true Nancy, somebody should be brave enough to write a story like that. I already read the acknowledgements. A few days it really captivated my full attention, I made so much net searching about the history, the real facts about school. I could really realized why the author chose this subject to write a story about it! Its more scary than I could ever imagine😞😞😞

message 46: by Pat (new)

Pat Great review Nilufer. Unfortunately most countries have aspects of their history that are scary/unbelievable.

Nilufer Ozmekik I couldn’t agree more Pat. It’s so sad but true😞

message 48: by Ujjawal (new)

Ujjawal Sureka Woah, what a great review, it's given me a feel of how heart breaking this book could be, I might give it a read sometime, but I guess will have to brace myself before I do it!

Nilufer Ozmekik Thank you so much Ujjawal. I agree it’s so heavy and one of the challenging reading I’ve lately. But it’s still worth it as soon as you gather your strength to absorb all the real events.

Alphawoman l just finished it last night and can not reccomend it highly enough. as you said so eloquently, a gut wrenching powerful novel based on fact that will stay with you long after you close the book.

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