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Ocean's Touch by Denise Townsend
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Mar 08, 2012

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Read from April 08 to 10, 2012

Meredith finds herself in a rut, lost after her husband’s death. A very wealthy professor, after he dies of lupus, she is left to run the very many charities he was a part of. Meredith is not sure of who she is anymore. She wears unfashionable clothes, keeps to herself, and is quite lonely. But all that starts to change when a mysterious man walks up to her on the beach one night. She soon learns, his name is Dylan and he is a selkie, a man that belongs to the ocean and can transform into a seal-type animal. He comes to her sexy as anything, but also using his empath abilities, he wants to enlighten her. Make her realize her life is for herself to live.

Alex is a wealthy painter, that has had his eye on Meredith for some time. Using his empath abilities, Dylan realizes Alex and Meredith both have a strong attraction and mutable respect for each other. It becomes his mission to not only show Meredith sexual pleasure, but use his skills to pair these two together.

I’m not quite sure what to think about Ocean’s Touch. I like this author’s voice (Denise Townsend is also writes as Nicole Peeler) but there were a few things I didn’t like about this story. Much time is invested in Meredith and Dylan’s relationship. You eventually realize, Dylan is married to the ocean, and will not be a permanent part of Meredith’s life. Which I accepted and was fine with, although I really enjoyed him. He was there to bring Meredith out of her shell and show her what her life can be with a little self esteem and confidence. I liked Meredith and Dylan getting to know one another, especially as she comes to terms with him being a supernatural creature:

“It’s hard cooking where I live.”

Meredith frowned. Ever since she’d sat down with Dylan across the table, the terrible doubt that she’d felt in her bedroom had eased. There was something about him that she simply trusted. And yet, still her brain worked overtime, trying to find something wrong with her current contentment.

And just where is cooking hard to accomplish? she wondered.

Gigolo school, whispered the nasty voice. Or prison…

Oh dear God. Prison?

Now, a little bit of fantasy has to be involved as Meredith becomes physical with him quite quickly, and the next day she is sitting in her kitchen, petting him on her kitchen floor in his seal form. Weird, but they still have very sexy times together.

Alex is an artist, and his gallery openings are an unusual affair. As he shows off his art, he also has human models performing sexual acts. This is where the three of them start to explore a physical relationship together. So we get a couple of m/f/m scenes in here. I like the erotic tone of this book, but what I think is really missing is getting to know Alex. He is Meredith’s HEA at the end of the book. but we really learn nothing about him. And I would not have been so bothered if at the end it would not have ended with Alex proposing marriage. Why? It made no sense and just left me frustrated. Towards the end, before Dylan leaves, he does tell Meredith that her and Alex, while they have a promising future, they do have lots of things to work out. To me this is a red light flashing on Alex’s orgy gallery shows. But then a few pages later Meredith is ready to plunge into marriage with him. Frustrating!

I liked it because it is different, a few parts made me laugh and it is very sexy. But I really wish we could have met Alex more so it would have been a more believable HEA.

Rating: C
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